How do I sell my portable oxygen concentrator?

The best way to sell a portable oxygen concentrator (POC) is to find a reputable DME or Oxygen Concentrator Retailer. Reselling units that are no longer needed is a great way to prevent increasing the landfill and making a little cash. A reputable retailer will make the process easy and safe for you. Because oxygen concentrators LEGALLY require a prescription, it is not recommended that you attempt to sell it directly on third-party sites like Craigslist or eBay.

Here is what you will likely need:
  • Proof of ownership. You must have proof you purchased the unit, and Medicare did not provide it. Except in certain circumstances, Medicare units belong to the company that provided the unit and can not be sold.
  • You will need the serial number of your unit and all of the associated accessories. Accessories are expensive, so missing accessories will reduce the amount you might be paid.
  • It’s good to turn on the unit and see if it is working correctly or alarming. Machines are often expensive to fix, so machines that are not functioning properly MAY not be worth trying to resell. If your unit is alarming, make sure to let the company purchasing the unit know ahead of time, so you are not wasting shipping dollars.
  • Some retailers have easy online sites where you can get an estimate of the value of your unit.
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