Does Medicaid cover oxygen concentrators?

It seems like there should be a simple YES or NO answer to this question but unfortunately there is not. The best way to explain the situation is to start with facts about medicare and oxygen equipment.

Medicare Facts

  • Medicare coverage for Oxygen Therapy Equipment is provided via a long-term (5 year) monthly rental contract through a Medicare provider. Medicare pays providers a monthly FEE for providing patients with oxygen.
  • A Medicare provider is required to provide a patient with a solution for within the home (home or stationary concentrator) if the patient only needs oxygen at night or a home concentrator and a portable solution (i.e. tanks or POC) if the patient needs oxygen 24 hours a day.
  • A Medicare provider is NOT required to provide a patient any particular equipment and specifically, does not need to provide a patient with a portable oxygen concentrator. The most common solution is a stationary “home” concentrator and refillable oxygen tanks.
  • Medicare does not reimburse for any out-of-pocket expenses and Medicare will NEVER pay for the PURCHASE or short-term rental of an oxygen concentrator. Many supplemental insurance companies WILL cover some or all of the PURCHASE or RENTAL of a portable oxygen concentrator.

Based on these facts, it is our recommended action to always start by talking to your current Medicare or Insurance provider and see if they will provide you with the equipment you are looking for.

Learn more about Medicare Requirements and Qualifications.
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