Can the Inogen One G5 be used at night?

Yes. Inogen designed the G5 for 24/7 use, which means you can use it while you sleep.

The Inogen One G5 provides flow settings 1-6, using Inogen’s Intelligent Delivery Technology, making this POC ideal for sleep.

  • The Intelligent Delivery Technology provides flexibility, increasing your oxygen bolus size as your breath rate slows during sleep.
  • It detects shallow breaths during sleep to deliver bolus doses, ensuring you get your required amount of oxygen in liters per minute.
Although the Inogen One G5 runs on an outlet, you can also run the unit for up to 13 hours (on a setting of 1) using a double battery. However, battery times vary by setting, so ensure you’ll have enough battery power to get you through the night. Use a power cord if you require a higher oxygen setting.

Inogen One G5 battery durations (with a double battery):

  • Setting of 1: 13 hours
  • Setting of 2: 10 hours
  • Setting of 3: 7 hours
  • Setting of 4: 5 hours
  • Setting of 6: 2 hours
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