Can the Inogen One G4 be used at night?

Yes. Most people can use the Inogen One G4 at night.

This portable oxygen concentrator (POC) uses Inogen’s Intelligent Delivery Technology to detect your breathing rate and adjust your oxygen bolus to match your needs. This technology helps you sleep by detecting slow, shallow breaths and increasing the bolus size to ensure you get your required liters per minute of oxygen.

The Intelligent Delivery Technology also adjusts to your breathing during the day, meaning you’ll only need this one machine for daytime and nighttime use. The Inogen One G4 also runs quietly, making it ideal for sleep. At 40 decibels, this POC is about as quiet as the sounds you’d hear in a library.

Although the battery probably won’t last long enough for a full night’s sleep, this unit also runs on AC power supply. However, the battery might last long enough for daytime naps. Always check your battery life before sleeping with your POC.

Inogen One G4 battery durations (with a double battery):

  • Setting of 1: about 5 hours
  • Setting of 2: about 4 hours and 30 minutes
  • Setting of 3: About 2 hours and 30 minutes
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