Gently Used Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Going on a trip? Interested in trying a unit before you buy it? You’ve come to the right place! Our rental program provides oxygen users with the unique opportunity to use an oxygen concentrator without purchasing it! Our extensive fleet of both home and portable units features continuous and pulse flow oxygen delivery systems to fit varying needs. Additionally, all of our rental machines are FAA approved and ready for flight!

Ready to get started? Our Rental Specialists are waiting to assist you with everything from choosing the right rental to calculating how much battery time you’ll need on a flight!

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Easy 3 Step Rental Process

Our rental program provides oxygen users with the mobility to travel anytime and anywhere. We have an extensive rental fleet of home and portable concentrators that include both pulse and continuous flow machines. Rest assured, all of our rental machines are FAA and manufacturer approved. With just 3 easy steps you can start and finish the rental process in a matter of minutes! Give us a call at 877.774.9271 to speak to a rental specialist.

Save Money on a Used POC


Work with one of our oxygen specialists to help you select the right concentrator for your rental needs. We carry a wide selection of concentrators to fit various needs and lifestyles!
Peace of Mind with a Used POC


Inspect the concentrator to ensure it is operating correctly and meets your requirements. Contact us if you have any questions and enjoy your trip!
Lose Weight with a Used POC


When your rental is finished, just place the concentrator in the return box and ship it back to us by dropping it off at any UPS drop-off location.

Portable Units

A portable oxygen concentrator is a great way to regain your freedom by remaining mobile and active! Our portable concentrators are lightweight and powerful making them the perfect hassle-free travel companions! Choose from a wide selection to find the settings, weight, and size that will fit your needs and lifestyle!

Respironics SimplyGo Oxygen Machine Rental


Quick Overview

  • - Pulse Dose & Continuous
  • - 10 Pounds with Complete Package
  • - Up-To 3 Hour Battery Life
  • - Most versatile unit. Perfect for on-the-go!

SeQual Eclipse Oxygen Machine Rental

Eclipse 5

Quick Overview

  • - Pulse Dose & Continuous
  • - 18.4 Pounds with Battery
  • - Up-To 5 Hour Battery Life
  • - Most powerful pulse & continuous flow unit!

Inogen G3 Oxygen Machine Rental

Inogen One G3

Quick Overview

  • - Pulse Dose
  • - 4.7 Pounds with Battery
  • - Up-To 8 Hour Battery Life
  • - Our most popular portable unit!

Home Units

A home oxygen concentrator will often feature continuous-only flow oxygen delivery systems. Our home units are lightweight, easily maneuvered, and powerful! We can ship them right to your door step or hotel room to ensure you have oxygen when and where you need it!

Respironics EverFlo Oxygen Machine Rental


Quick Overview

  • - Continuous Dose
  • -31 Pounds with Battery
  • -Less than 45 Decibels
  • -One of the quietest home units on the market!

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