Humidifiers and Chambers for CPAP Machines

Humidification is highly recommended to maintain normal conditions of the upper and lower airways. A heated humidifier works to prevent irritability, structural damage to sensitive tissue, heat and water loss of the upper and lower airways and increased airway resistance. Increasing moisture with each breath, humidifiers help deliver a more comfortable and peaceful night sleep. Our CPAP representatives are available to assist you in choosing from several humidification solutions and to help suit your unique needs.

Standard humidifiers include a water chamber, however; it is recommended that it be replaced every six months. If the chamber is not replaced, deterioration, rust, corrosive build-up and sanitation issues are likely to arise. As we offer a variety of water chambers (Cleanable/Non-cleanable) we invite you to ask one of our CPAP representatives to assist you in helping you find a water chamber that will suit your individual needs and lifestyle.
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  1. Philips DreamStation Go Heated Humidifier
    • Thinnest travel heated humidifier
    • Uses tap, bottled or distilled water
    • Features water-saving technology
    • Works with any mask
    Your Price: $299
  2. ResMed H5i™ Water Cleanable Chamber
    • Easy to Disassemble, Clean and Reassemble
    • Dishwasher Safe
    • 380ml of Water Capacity
    Your Price: $60
  3. ResMed H5i water chamber (standard)
3 Item(s)