CPAP Tubing

Tubing is an essential part of your CPAP machine, and maintaining and replacing your tubing regularly ensures you receive the treatment you need. Your tubing should be lightweight and flexible, and shouldn’t make noise or crackle during sessions. If your tubing is making noise, replace it - it could have water buildup or tiny holes that may affect the air pressure delivery.

To increase your tubing’s lifespan, check your owner’s manual for instructions on how and when you should clean the tubing. Depending on the tubing type and your cleaning routine, you should replace your tubing every 3-5 months. By properly cleaning your tubing, preventing water buildup or other damage, and replacing your tubing as needed, you’ll have a quieter, better-performing hose and better treatment.

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  1. Roscoe Medical CPAP Bleeder Valve - 1642cs
    CPAP Bleeder Valve
    • High Grade Plastic
    • Easily Connects
    • Sku: 1642cs

    Your Price $5.00 List Price $5.00
  2. ResMed ClimateLine MAX™ Tubing
    ResMed ClimateLine MAX™ Tubing
    • MX Tubing

    Your Price $51.00 List Price $63.00
  3. ResMed ClimateLine â„¢ Heated Tubing
    ResMed ClimateLine â„¢ Heated Tubing
    • New Swivel Connection
    • Constant Comfort
    • Sku: 36995

    Your Price $51.00 List Price $85.00
  4. Transcend Universal Hose Adapter - 503043
    Transcend Universal Hose Adapter
    • Universal Adapter
    • Fits Most Hoses or Masks
    • Sku: 503043

    Your Price $15.00 List Price $29.00
  5. Philips Dreamstation Heated CPAP Tubing - HT15
    Philips Dreamstation Heated CPAP Tubing
    • Five Settings
    • Flexible Plastic
    • Sku: HT15

    Your Price $40.00 List Price $79.00

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