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Full face CPAP masks are reliable and comfortable during sleep. The mask creates a seal around both the mouth and nose, which allows patients to receive their treatment through either airway. This solution is perfect for individuals who regularly breathe through their mouth due to allergies, medical issues, or other reasons, and eliminates the need for a traditional chin strap. This type of mask is also a great short-term option for patients that are suffering from a cold, since it will allow them to continue treatment as normal while breathing through their mouth. Compared to nasal pillows or nasal masks, which can make higher pressure treatments uncomfortable, the wide mask disperses the air pressure across the large surface area, making the pressure much more manageable. Full face CPAP masks work best for back sleepers, but the straps and support are also comfortable for side sleepers. Explore our selection of full face masks from the top manufacturers including Resprironics, DeVilbiss and ResMed.

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  1. DeVilbiss EasyFit Silicone Full Face CPAP Mask
    DeVilbiss EasyFit Silicone Full Face Mask
    • Lightweight
    • 360-Degree Swivel
    • Extremely Quiet Exhaust Port

    Sorry, this product is no longer available.

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