CPAP and BiPAP Mask Headgear, Parts and Accessories Buyer Guide

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It's inevitable that the parts for your CPAP and BiPAP masks will degrade over time, especially with nightly use. This is why we offer replacement parts that are compatible with your CPAP/BiPAP masks.

A proper suction and comfort are top priorities when it comes to treating your sleep apnea. When your mask cushions begin to show wear and tear, or when they don't suction the way they used to, these are issues that need to be fixed as quickly as possible to ensure you are still receiving the proper treatment.

Keeping your equipment clean is also extremely important. You will add length to the life of your equipment with frequent cleanings, as well as prevent dangerous infection from the growth of bacteria in the mask and tubing. We offer some convenient and pleasantly-scented cleaning products made especially for CPAP/BiPAP tubing and masks.

Mask Headgear and Parts

ResMed Mirage Swift & Mirage Swift II Headgear – This headgear design keeps the straps off of your face and only wraps from below your chip to the back of your head. This means no parts blocking your range of vision, or weighing on your face while you sleep. You'll feel a greater range of motion for turning your head, and it only ways half a pound.

ResMed Quattro FX Replacement Headgear – These replacement straps are made to fit your ResMed Quattro FX Full Face CPAP mask, and does not include the mask clips that came with your original headgear. Be sure to choose the size that is best for you, from small, medium and large for the most comfortable fit. The material used to make the straps are meant to last, but are soft and smooth at the same time to prevent pulling on hair or sensitive skin.

Respironics ComfortGel Full Premium Headgear – Just as the name suggests, this headgear provides maximum comfort and prevents pinching or pulling on the back of your head. It's also sturdy enough to be washed conveniently in the washing machine many times without fraying, curling or degrading in any way. These straps have been known to just feel like another pillow behind your head.

Respironics ComfortGel Nasal Mask Premium Headgear – This extremely lightweight and thin strap design weighs less than half of a pound and has the same durability and comfort as the full mask ComfortGel headgear. This Respironics headgear is made to easily connect to your ComfortGel Nasal Mask.

RespCare Bravo Replacement Nasal Pillows – These nasal pillows are top of the line in comfort for those who breathe exclusively through the nose while sleeping. They weight .5 lbs and are made to fit the RespCare Bravo nasal pillow mask. You should be able to replace the nasal pillows every 6 months, since these are the parts that touch directly to your nose, so we are offering them at a very affordable price. Be sure to choose your appropriate sizing – small, medium or large.

Respironics Comfort Gel Replacement Cushion – You will know when your ComfortGel mask cushion needs replaced when it starts to become harder and begins to show small cracks. This .5 lb replacement cushion can be chosen in 4 different sizes to ensure that yours will fit you correctly. The sizes for this cushion come in petite, small, medium and larger.

Comfort Gel Blue Nasal Mask Silicone Comfort Flap Replacement – These replacement cushions snap easily and snugly into place when your old flaps begin to wear or lose their suction. It's extremely important for your mask to flight tightly, but comfortably to your face, so you won't need to sacrifice comfort for how well you are receiving your forced air.

Mask Care Products

Citrus II CPAP Mask and Machine Cleansing Wipes – These wipes by Beaumont smell great and are specifically designed to properly clean and deodorize your mask and other accessories without the damage-causing agents found in many detergents. Use one wipe each morning on the inside and outside of your mask to prevent the growth of bacteria and the build up of dirty and grime.

Citrus II Concentrated Cleanser for Tubing – Every 1 to 2 weeks, you will need to thoroughly clean the tubing, humidification chambers and the CPAP/BiPAP machine itself, and this cleanser makes it easy without worry that you may be damaging your equipment with improper detergents. This concentrated version is mixed with water to make at least 8 gallons of cleanser for your tubing, mask and comfort cushions, giving this a great value.

Citrus II Spray CPAP Mask Cleaner and Travel Size Spray – This spray is great for a quick spray and wipe each day to keep your mask free of bacteria and oils. We also offer this handy aerosol spray cleanser in a travel size, so you can keep your equipment clean without taking up more room in your carry on bag.

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