Carry Case and Cart Buying Guide

Backpack, Carry Case and Cart Buying Guide

One important thing that you will get with your portable oxygen concentrator, is a carrying case. Each case is made specifically for their portable oxygen concentrator, since each machine has a different size, weight, shape and control panel setup. These carrying cases are designed to keep you as comfortable as possible while you go wherever you want to go.

Many of the larger, heavier portables come with carry cases that attach to wheeled carts. These carts may have a long handle that you can adjust to just the right height, so you can pull it along with you through the airport or around town.

When making your selection in portable oxygen concentrators, one of the considerations you should make – after oxygen flow and battery life – is weight, and where you will want or need to travel on a regular basis.

For example, if you plan on going on a hiking trip in the mountains, you will need to choose a concentrator that is relatively small, and comes with a carrying case that will strap to your back or at your side. If you are only walking around a city, seeing the sights, a larger one that comes with a wheeled carry case and cart will work just fine.

Carry Cases You Wear

Inogen One G2 Backpack - This looks just like any other black backpack, only it's built specifically to accommodate the Inogen One G2 and it's accessories. Its straps are fully adjustable, and the lower pockets were designed to hold all of the accessories you would need to bring with you.

Inogen One G2 Carry Bag - This carry bag will blend in and stay out of the way at your side. It features adjustable straps and two large pockets for carrying accessories and other items you may need on your trips.

Sequal Eclipse Travel Case - This travel case easily slips onto the cart, or you can carry it yourself if you'd like. The outer case is padding to protect your Eclipse from any bumps, and there are plenty of little pockets, including transparent pockets. The rubber handle gives you a comfortable and strong grip.

Sequal Eclipse Wheelchair Pack - This pack features buckle straps that attach to the handles of all push-style wheelchairs. There is a sturdy flap covering the battery door, which makes changing out batteries much easier.

Respironics EverGo Carry Case - The soft grip handle and soft, adjustable shoulder strap are made for maximum comfort and stability. It's very lightweight and a stylish dark gray color – it just appears to be any other sort of carry bag. It has several roomy pockets for accessories and miscellaneous items.

Invacare Carrying Case for XPO2 - This carry case is very inconspicuous, with its sleek black exterior. It's padded to protect your XPO2, so you can go about your travels without worry.

Carry Cases on Wheels

Inogen One G2 Cart - If you don't want to carry your Inogen One G2 on your back, the backpack attaches to the simple, lightweight cart with a convenient, telescoping handle.

Sequal Eclipse Universal Cart - Universal to all Eclipse models, with 6-inch wheels for maximum maneuverability, even over uneven terrain. The telescoping handle easily slides down and out of the way when you don't need it. The end of the handle gives you a strong, comfortable grip.

Respironics EverGo Mobile Cart - This cart is lightweight but tough, so you can pull your EverGo around in all types of weather and most terrain.

Respironics SimplyGo Mobile Cart - Features an adjustable telescoping handle and 6-inch wheels to keep your SimplyGo from rumbling around on bumpy ground.

Invacare XPO2 Wheeled Cart - This cart folds up into a much smaller version of itself for convenient storage and travel. It features 4-inch wheels, and the platform on this cart is higher than most, which gives your XPO2 added protection.

Invacare Solo Wheeled Cart - Your Solo is well off the ground, and the 4-inch wheels help protect it from bumps on the ground. It folds up nice and small to be stowed away and accommodates for an extra accessory bag, for spare batteries and other things.

DeVilbiss Igo Rolling Carry Case and Deluxe Rolling Case - This case is heavily padded to protect your Igo from the elements, as well as bumps and dings. The transparent window allows you access to the control panel without opening the case. It also features a telescoping handle that can completely disappear behind the case.

DeVilbiss Igo Deluxe Rolling Case - The Deluxe Igo rolling case streamline, but still features the pocket in front with the addition of more pockets on the sides.

DeVilbiss Igo Wheeled Cart - The large wheels allow for great maneuverability, and the adjustable handle will accommodate anyone's most comfortable height.

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