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Whether you’re looking for extra tubing or solutions for cleaning or dealing with tubing, we have the oxygen accessories to make your life easier. Our soft, adjustable oxygen tubing fits comfortably and securely, while our Tidy Tubing provides a convenient, retractable solution for using oxygen around the house. Separating and cleaning oxygen tubing can be a pain, particularly for people with arthritis, but our O2 talon takes the hassle out of these tasks by providing an easy way to separate oxygen tubing from machines and connectors.

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  1. Salter Labs 50' Three-Channel Clear Tubing
    Salter Labs 50' Three-Channel Clear Tubing
    • Three-Channel Safety Tubing
    • 50 Feet
    • Sku: 2050

    Your Price $8.00 List Price $12.00
  2. Inogen One G3 Replacement Column Pair (Flow Setting 1-5)
    Inogen One G3 Replacement Columns (Flow Setting 1-5)
    • Includes Two Columns
    • No Tools Required
    • Sku: RP-321

    Your Price $149.00 List Price $199.00
  3. Sequal Eclipse Humidifier Kit
    SeQual Eclipse Humidifier Kit
    • Includes Velcro Straps and Bottle Connector
    • 14 Inch Connector Hose
    • Sku: 7116

    Your Price $39.00 List Price $59.00

3 Items

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