Cannula, Tubing and Humidifier Buyer Guide

Cannula, Tubing and Humidifier Buyer Guide

The tubing or nasal cannula you use with your oxygen concentrator or CPAP/BiPAP machine is important because it is the line connecting you to your oxygen therapy. We offer tubing at the standard low prices, as well as top of the line tubes and accessories that add extra comfort, convenience and a longer life to your tubing.

Brands: ResMed, Invacare, Captive Technologies, OxyView.

Oxygen Concentrator Tubing

7' Adult Oxygen Cannula – The nasal prongs on this cannula are curved, making them much more snug without any shifting or irritation of the sensitive, inner nasal tissues. They're made to be sturdy and easy to clean with hot water and a mild detergent once a week or more, and you will only need to replace it every 6 months or less. This cannula and tubing also come at a great price, so you can stock up for months or years to come.

Tidy Tubing – You need to be able to walk around your home while using your oxygen concentrator, without worrying about tripping over or tangling your rubber tubing. The coiled Tidy Tubing by Captive Technologies is only 14 inches long but easily stretches to as much as 15 feet. You can also connect several together to add even more slack. The clip on the end allows you to attach it to a belt loop or the edge of your shirt, to prevent dragging when you are up and about.

Cannula and Tubing Accessories

OxyView Eye Glasses – These glasses hold your prescription lenses and attach to a pair of cannula that run along the edges of your nose, making your oxygen therapy tubing much more discreet. The OxyView Glasses are great for people who already need prescription lenses, since cannula tubing must also rest behind the ears, and this can become irritating when wearing glasses.

O2 Talon – Tubing has to be fastened securely to the cannula, oxygen barbs and connectors to keep any precious oxygen or forced air from leaking before you can breathe it in. Removing the connections can be diffecult for anyone, but for someone with joint pain it can be nearly impossible. This is when you can leverage the use of your O2 Talon in easily removing these tight connections. It works just like a simple pair of pliers, but they are gentle enough to not scrape or scuff the tubing and other equipment.

Oxygen Concentrator Humidifier Bottle – This standard humidifier bottle comes from Invacare, but is compatible with most concentrators to add more moisture and comfort to your inhaled oxygen. This humidifier bottle can be used with our Sequal Humidifier Kit, which includes Velcro straps that are used to snugly attach the humidifier to the concentrator. This humidifier bottle is offered at a low price, and it's beneficial to add on to your concentrator during times of the year when the air is dry.

CPAP and BiPAP Tubing

ClimateLine Tubing – This CPAP and BiPAP tubing by ResMed looks heavy duty, but it only weighs 1 lb and is very easy to work with, even with a length of 6 feet, 3 inches. The ClimateLine tubing works by gently warming the moistened air right before you breathe it in, so that none of the warmth is lost. This warmed humid air is most comforting for people who have sensitive airways while using their BiPAP or CPAP machines.

ResMed SlimLine Tubing – This tubing was made to be 14% thinner, 40% lighter and take up less than a 3rd of the space that standard CPAP/BiPAP tubing does. It's also 6 feet long, which gives you more room to move in your sleep without worrying about your tubing snagging and pulling on the machine. You also won't feel weighed down in your sleep, which is often one of the main complaints of people using a CPAP or BiPAP machine.

ResMed SlimLine Tube Wrap – This tube sleeve zips up along your SlimLine and ClimateLine tubing to protect it and help prevent condensation, which can breed bacteria and cause damage over time. It only adds 1 lb to the weight of the tubing, but you will hardly notice because of the lightweight nature of the ResMed tubing.

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