CAIRE Freestyle Comfort Zone Service Program

CAIRE Freestyle Comfort Zone Service Program

Comfort Zone is an exclusive service program for Oxygen Concentrator Store customers. CAIRE Comfort is one of the leading portable oxygen concentrators available in the market. The unit is not only easy-to-use but also comfortable. And that's how we want its service program to be - easy-to-use and comfortable. With Comfort Zone, you get unmatched service program that no other retailer provides and it not available with any other concentrator.

What’s included in my Comfort Zone?

  • Get Acquainted Orientation: We will be in touch to schedule your live training with your Comfort Zone coach. Your coach will explain how the equipment works, what all is included, preventative maintenance recommendations, tips and tricks for your new CAIRE Freestyle Comfort oxygen concentrator.
  • Superior Support: We are open 7 days a week to provide real time support. We will either be able to immediately help or schedule time with a Comfort Zone coach to ensure your questions are answered.
  • Uptime Guarantee: We are so sure that our turnaround times are so fast, we guarantee it! We will get you a replacement CAIRE Comfort within 3 business days or you will receive a $50 gift voucher to our online store.

How Our Uptime Guarantee Works:

If your CAIRE Comfort is malfunctioning, we will replace it with a like CAIRE Comfort using UPS 2nd day air service. UPS will meet you at your door and take your malfunctioning unit and give you a replacement unit. Your CAIRE Comfort warranty will transfer to the replacement unit. This will become your CAIRE Comfort moving forward.

Details and Terms and Conditions:

The replacement unit will be shipped the same day, provided:
  • You call our service team by 2:00 MST.
  • You speak with one of our service representatives (we cannot accommodate the exchange program with just a voicemail/email).
Your replacement unit will be shipped UPS 2nd day air – unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for UPS shipping delays or errors. The replacement unit will be your CAIRE Comfort moving forward. It will still carry the same warranty as your original unit.

You will need to be at home to meet the UPS delivery. The delivery will be on the standard UPS delivery route, which you can track online. If you miss meeting the UPS delivery, they will make two additional attempts. Our guarantee states that we will provide you with a like replacement unit within 3 business days of you calling and speaking with our service team (any calls after 2:00 MST will be considered the following business day).

Please note that any physical, smoke, or liquid damage to your Caire Comfort unit will render it ineligible for the Uptime Guarantee. We kindly request that you ensure the unit's proper care and safekeeping to fully benefit from this service.

Comfort Zone Reviews

Comfort Zone FAQs:

Question: How does the exchange work?
Answer: UPS will stop by your house and ring the doorbell. They will open the box and hand you the replacement unit. You will give UPS the malfunctioning unit – it’s that easy! Please only give UPS the unit (no accessories/batteries). UPS will package it for you.

Question: How quickly will you receive the unit?
Answer: We will ship the unit using 2nd day air shipping. Please allow 1 business day for processing and 2 days for shipping. If we do not get you your replacement unit within 3 business days, you will receive a $50 voucher to our online store. GUARANTEED!

Question: When will UPS come to my door?
Answer: The delivery is on their standard route and you can track it online. If you miss their first delivery, they will make 2 more attempts.

Question: Do I get my original CAIRE Comfort back?
Answer: No. The replacement will be your "new" unit. It will have the same warranty as the original unit.

Question: Will the replacement unit be a new unit?
Answer: If your CAIRE Comfort is malfunctioning, we will replace it with a like unit.

Question: How many times can I claim the Uptime Guarantee?
Answer: Uptime Guarantee can be used as many times as needed in the warranty period.

Call Us to Learn More About the Comfort Zone Program: 1-877-774-9271

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