Pulmonary Education & Research Foundation


Pulmonary Education and Research Foundation The Pulmonary Education & Research Foundation, or PERF, was founded in 1984 to improve the outlook for patients with COPD. Over time, the organization expanded its purpose to include other diseases that result in shortness-of-breath and exercise intolerance. PERF aims to help individuals with these diseases improve their quality of life through clinical research and education.

PERF funds leading academics and physicians’ research to learn more about COPD and related diseases. Through the organization’s support, new understanding of chronic respiratory illnesses have been discovered, as well as new approaches to the management and treatment of these diseases. PERF shares this information through their robust educational programs, which includes training for scientists and physicians, patient support groups, and regular contributions to blogs, social media, and other online media. To better disseminate information, PERF board members have also published over 700 research articles related to pulmonary medicine.

Through the organization’s work, PERF strives to help every individual with COPD or related diseases live a fuller life. PERF has already improved the quality of life for these individuals by sharing their findings with leading health care professionals, and the organization will continue making a difference through research, education, and outreach.


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