National Association for Medical Direction of Respiratory Care (NAMDRC) The National Association for Medical Direction of Respiratory Care (NAMDRC) is an organization dedicated to helping educate its members and address the legislative, regulatory, and payment issues that patients with respiratory disorders face. As physicians, NAMDRC members work in close to 2,000 different hospitals nationwide and emphasize the importance of quality patient care. The organization provides support for pulmonologists and other physicians who are involved in respiratory, critical care, and sleep medicine.

NAMDRC understands the regulatory and legislative barriers that patients with respiratory diseases face when attempting to access treatment. To help patients receive appropriate treatment, the organization offers guidance on coding, coverage, payment issues, and other health care system complexities. Among other initiatives, NAMDRC has successfully advocated for increased medicare coverage and more patient-friendly payment models.

NAMDRC also provides patients and clinicians with the latest information regarding pulmonary medicine. Through regular publications and emails, members are regularly updated with new discoveries, breakthroughs, or ways patients can access treatment options. Additionally, the organization hosts The NAMDRC Annual Educational Conference, which allows physicians to learn more about pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine. Through interactive and state-of-the-art presentations, members also learn about pending regulatory and legislative issues in medicine and how they can help their patients overcome these issues.


  • Location: 8618 Westwood Center Drive, Suite 210, Vienna, VA 22182-2222
  • Primary Emphasis: For more than a quarter of a century NAMDRC has emphasized quality patient care. The Association is dedicated to providing support for pulmonologists and other physicians who provide clinical and management leadership in respiratory, critical care and sleep medicine. Specifically, NAMDRC focuses on issues of importance to the individual practitioner, as well as a range of pulmonary related care services including:
    • Respiratory Care, Respiratory Home Health Care, Long Term Respiratory Care Services
    • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBO), Pulmonary Medicine, Pulmonary Rehabilitation
    • Pulmonary Physiology Assessments, Critical Care, Ventilator Management, Sleep Disorders
  • Link to website: National Association for Medical Direction of Respiratory Care
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