COPD Alert Support and Advocacy Group

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There are many resources available for those who suffer from respiratory diseases. Support organizations and informational websites exist for nearly every major disease. We'll help guide you to the resources you need.


A COPD Support Group via Yahoo Groups.


  • Location: Internet Based
  • Primary Emphasis: COPD-ALERT provides support for lung disease (COPD) patients and takes part in worldwide campaigns for recognition of the dangerous rise in prevalence of COPD. It actively supports the Global Obstructive Lung Disease (GOLD) Initiative, which aims to raise awareness of the increasing burden of COPD, decrease morbidity and mortality, promote further study of the condition and implement programs to prevent COPD. COPD-ALERT is actively involved in advocacy activities on the national and local levels. COPD-ALERT is a member of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Public Interest Organizations, American Thoracic Society Public Advisory Roundtable as well as of the US COPD and International Coalitions.
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Additional Respiratory Resources Info:

The more you learn about the air you breathe to more you can protect your health, view the American Lung Association's State of the Air Infographic for more information about air pollution in the United States.

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