Better Breathers Club


Better Breathers Club Sponsored by the American Lung Association, Better Breathers Clubs connect people with lung disease with education, resources, and community support. For over 40 years, individuals living with lung conditions such as COPD, pulmonary fibrosis, and asthma have come together in communities across the country to learn from each other and find support.

Local Better Breathers Clubs are led by trained facilitators who work with their group to schedule guest speakers and educational sessions. Some of the popular topics include breathing techniques, understanding medications and medical tests, home healthcare, and avoiding air pollutants. Members are invited to share other topics they’d like to discuss or learn more about.

Local Better Breathers Clubs meet often to listen to guest speakers, discuss better ways to cope with lung conditions, solve common problems, learn about the latest research and treatment options, and participate in social activities. By holding regular, in-person meetings, Better Breathers Clubs create tight knit communities.

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