American Lung Association


American Lung Association The American Lung Association is committed to improving lung health, preventing lung disease, and ultimately, saving lives. As the leading organization on lung health, the American Lung Association focuses on four main objectives: to eradicate lung cancer, improve our air quality, assist those living with lung cancer, and put an end to tobacco use and tobacco-related diseases.

Lung cancer is the #1 cancer killer of both American men and women and claims more lives than any other cancer. The American Lung Association works to support those with lung cancer by providing resources and support for them and their caregivers. Through Lung Force Expos, Walks, and online resources, the organization supports more than 500,000 currently-living Americans who’ve been diagnosed with lung cancer. At the same time, the Association works to prevent future lung and health damage by protecting the nation from unhealthy air pollution. The American Lung Association has helped enact limits on ozone and particle pollution, reduce power plant emissions, and create cleaner vehicle standards.

The American Lung Association has led the fight for healthy air and lung health for over 115 years. Founded in 1904 to prevent the spread of tuberculosis, the Association has become a premier resource for the research, education, and advocacy of lung health. With the public’s support, the American Lung Association can continue “fighting for air” and advocating for the nation’s lung health.

American Lung Association Additional Information:

  • Location: Many locations throughout the US. Check for locations near you at Lung USA - In Your Community
  • Primary Emphasis: Broad Advocay and research. The American Lung Association's mission is to save lives by improving lung health and preventing lung disease.
  • Link to website: American Lung Association
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