SeQual is a leading manufacturer of portable oxygen machines and home oxygen concentrators. The top selling SeQual oxygen concentrators are the SeQual Eclipse 5, and the SeQual eQuinox.

The SeQual oxygen concentrator line utilizes the advanced technology to deliver oxygen, allowing patients and caretakers alike to breathe a little easier. Every one of SeQual’s oxygen concentrators is built around the Fractionator (ATF) module, a proprietary device that efficiently separates oxygen from the surrounding air. The ATF module brings a new level of efficiency and power savings and allows concentrators to be incredibly compact and light.

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  1. Sequal Eclipse Humidifier Kit
    SeQual Eclipse Humidifier Kit
    • Includes Velcro Straps and Bottle Connector
    • 14 Inch Connector Hose
    • Sku: 7116

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