Why You Should Purchase an Oxygen Concentrator Package

Let's say, you've bought your first oxygen concentrator and you're very happy with the product. That's great! After a while of using it, you start to realize how much easier it would be to have at least one extra battery, and an external battery charger. Perhaps you've started to be more active and have started traveling, and you can't board an airplane unless you have an extra, fully charged battery, which is often the case.

When you purchase a portable oxygen concentrator from us, you also get one or two batteries (if it comes with batteries you can remove and replace and depending on each model), a nasal cannula and rubber tubing, a carry bag and/or cart, a replacement filter (depending on the model), a manual and AC/DC adapters. These are all things you will need when you first start out.

Our packages, however, go a few steps further by including even more batteries and external chargers – things that you may need later. By buying a package instead, you're saving yourself the money in the long run.

Who Should Get an Oxygen Concentrator Package?

If you know ahead of time that you will be doing a lot of traveling, it would be much more convenient to get your chosen oxygen concentrators battery package right off the bat. For example, if you were considering buying the Sequal Eclipse 3, you might want to go for the Sequal Eclipse travel package instead. In this package, you get two batteries, an external battery charger and a pulse oximeter, on top of all the other things you would need, such as the cannula, cart and AC and DC chargers.

This package is perfect for take a long vacation, especially when you need to keep an eye on your blood oxygen level, which you can do quickly and easily with the pulse oximeter. You might become more active with seeing the sights and begin to use more oxygen than before, you you will need to make sure you're getting the oxygen you need. You will also be able to charge your extra battery wherever you go by simply plugging it into the external charger, so that you always have a fully charged battery on hand.

Portable and Home Oxygen Concentrator Combos

Perhaps you want to save your portable oxygen concentrator strictly for traveling and going out and about. This is a great idea, as it will save on the life of your concentrator and its batteries and filter. This is one of the reasons why we offer portable and home oxygen concentrator combo packages from the same brand.

You can use your Respirionics EverFlo Q at home, and carry your EverGo with you on vacation. This combo package also includes 2 batteries for your EverGo, a sleek bag to carry your EverGo, as well as an accessory bag for all of your miscellaneous items and accessories that you would need on your outings.

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