Why Most People Prefer Oxygen Concentrators

When most people diagnosed with COPD and prescribed oxygen therapy by their doctor, they may initially get the picture in their mind of someone who is has to sit for hours at a time in their home, hooked up to a machine with a tank of oxygen. Whether you've been diagnosed with COPD, or any other chronic illness that requires the use of oxygen therapy, this doesn't need to be the case.

Machines that require an oxygen tank are not the only means of getting oxygen therapy. A home oxygen concentrator is a good start, since you don't need to fuss with tanks or refills. A portable oxygen concentrator is great for someone who likes to stay active as much as possible.

Oxygen Concentrator Testimonies

“I've been using my portable oxygen concentrator now for a little less than two months, and it's the best investment I've ever made. I saved up and got the Inogen One G2 and I definitely do not miss my old oxygen machine, even if it was cheaper when I first bought it. Having to buy the oxygen refills over time was beginning to be a pain. My son's family are going on vacation in a few months, and back when I found out they would be going on a plane, I made the decision to buy this US airline approved oxygen concentrator. I can't wait to board the plane and have fun with my family this summer, with less to worry about!”

“I was beginning to be afraid that I wouldn't be able to ride my horses any more, let alone take care of them the way I always have. With my little but sturdy Invacare XPO2, I don't have to bother with trying to fanangle a tank when I go down to the barn or take my horse Rosie out for a little run. I just strap my concentrator on my back with its carry case, and I can go about what I'm doing. I'm also really happy with how quiet and inconspicuous it is. It's hard being inconspicuous when you have to carry around an oxygen tank wherever you go. When I'm talking to someone, I want them to be paying attention to me, and not my oxygen therapy equipment. This nice little concentrator just seems to blend in.”

“When I was diagnosed with COPD, I was only 54 and I thought my days of traveling and trying foreign cuisines was over. My doctor reassured me when he wrote my prescription that buying a portable oxygen concentrator would be the best way to go, because not only would I not need to get refillable oxygen, but I would be able to take my concentrator nearly anywhere with me. I've been using my AirSep Focus for five years now and it's been everywhere with me – Italy, Fiji to see the volcanoes, and the Swiss alps during the summer, which is a place I love to go as much as possible. My portable oxygen concentrator can go to the elevations I want to go without any trouble.”

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