Where the Air is Rare: Oxygen Users Summit 14,000-foot Peak

On August 10, an intrepid bunch of AMSR staff, customers, and vendor reps proved that oxygen users can enjoy the high life. 

The group of 10 completed a 5-mile hike near Idaho Springs, Colorado. Supplemental oxygen in tow, they left the trailhead at Summit Lake (elevation 12,840 feet) at 9 a.m. and summited scenic Mount Evans (elevation 14,264 feet) at 1:30 p.m. 

AMSR customer service manager John More said it was a challenge for him to keep up with customers Lyn Cole and Mike McBride, whose normal oxygen use rates are  3 to 4 liters per minute. On the high-altitude hike, they needed about 15 liters per minute, but as long as their supplemental oxygen needs were being met, they were able to hike safely and have fun.

Of course, oxygen users should seek physician clearance before attempting such a  hike, as Lyn and Mike did.

“It just goes to show what oxygen users can do if they plan carefully and have access to the extra oxygen they might need,” said John.

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