What is the NHOPA?

The National Home Oxygen Patients Association (NHOPA) is an organization designed to provide essential information to supplementary oxygen users. The group was established in 1990 and is managed by actual oxygen users, who form the company’s Board of Directors.

One of the many undertakings of the NHOPA was a decade long involvement with the U.S. Department of Transportation to clarify and standardize the use of FAA approved oxygen units on board aircraft. Evolving from that association, the NHOPA also worked with the Transportation Security Administration to ensure that its security checkpoint guards are properly familiarized and trained with regards to Portable Oxygen Concentrators.

The newly elected VP of NHOPA is Denver, Colorado’s own Roxlyn “Lyn” Cole, herself a transtracheal oxygen user. Lyn is a COPD patient who walks Half Marathons, climbs the mountains above Denver and, in February of this year, will once again take part in the Fight for Air Climb, which is a “vertical road race” sponsored by the American Lung Association.

Lyn is a firm believer in oxygen users taking control of their lives and destinies. This means that each individual needs to be his/her own advocate and educate themselves in order to stay healthy and lead a productive life. Her basic guidelines are “eat well; keep a good schedule of eating, sleeping, and exercise; move a little bit more every day toward formal exercise; learn more about your disease and HOW to help yourself, quit smoking if you do, and avoid lung irritations.”

The NHOPA publishes a newsletter several times a year that provides timely information to its members regarding Association activities, health and travel tips, and a means of communication with other oxygen users.

This month, in conjunction with the NHOPA, American Medical Sales & Repair is offering a free one-year membership to the NHOPA to any of our past and current customers. If you are a past customer, simply fill out the attached form (link), if you are placing an order this month, let our customer care agents know you are interested in a free NHOPA membership. At AMSR, we believe that our objective of educating patients and patients’ rights is very much aligned with the goals of the NHOPA. By offering this free membership, it is our way of saying “thank you” to our customers and also encourages their involvement with a great organization.

As always, when you breathe easier, we breathe easier.


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