What is a respiratory therapist?

What is a respiratory therapist? Speech therapists help people talk. Physical therapists help people move. And what do respiratory therapists do? They help people breathe. Respiratory therapists work in hospitals, clinics, home-care agencies, and medical equipment supply companies to diagnose and treat lung problems caused by:

• asthma
• bronchitis
• emphysema
• heart disease
• accidents
• cystic fibrosis
• lung cancer
• premature birth

If you’re on oxygen therapy, you’ve probably been cared for by a respiratory therapist. Here at American Medical Supply and Repair, we have respiratory therapists on staff to help our customers choose the oxygen concentrator that’s right for them and use it properly. Because when you breathe easier, we breathe easier!

Respiratory therapists have either a 2-year associate’s degree or a 4-year bachelor’s degree. Upon graduation, they take a test to become Certified Respiratory Therapists, or CRTs. If they pass 2 additional exams, they can become Registered Respiratory Therapists, or RRTs.

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