Western Colorado Lung Health Conference

John More our Customer Service Manager had the pleasure of attending the first annual Thomas L. Petty M.D. Western Colorado Lung Health Conference held in Grand Junction, Colorado on September 29, 2012. The participants heard wonderful talks from the following speakers. Louise Nett RN, RRT, FAARC explained why the conference was named after Dr. Petty and explained some of the research Dr. Petty did which helped the medical community to understand the benefits of supplemental oxygen for lung disorder patients.

John Goodman BS, RRT explained the improvements in how oxygen is delivered to patients. John just lost his Mother recently and told a wonderful story about his niece surviving a double lung transplant. Dr. Joel Bechtel did a wonderful speech helping the participants to understand what lung disease is and how they can better live with lung disease. Dr. Bechtel spoke about a trip he made to India and an article he had published with a number of doctors from India for the International Journal of COPD.

Dr. William Kelley had the hard talk of discussing some of the end of life decisions that we all need to make. Dr. Kelley went over some of the recent laws that have been enacted in the State of Colorado to help with this planning. Paul Keddy, MS gave out thera-bands to the participants and then showed the participants a number of exercises that they could do with the thera-bands along with various breathing techniques. The participants were able to spend some time with the various venders who had supported the conference.

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