User Perspective: Visiting Hawaii While Using Portable Oxygen

You won't find anywhere on earth quite like Hawaii. You might be picturing beautiful beaches, hula dancers, active volcanoes, and while Hawaii does have these things, it isn't all there is to it. There are many different things to do and see on the Big Island and beyond. Needing to use oxygen therapy shouldn't stop you from doing most of them. We only say “most” of them because you can't really go surfing while using an oxygen concentrator!

Oxygen patient Mario F. lives in Hawaii and knows how to get around, as well as some of the most essential things to experience on your first, or second, or tenth trip to Hawaii.

I use the Respironics Simply Go mobile unit and use the 1.5 LPM continuous flow setting. I've used it with the mobile cart and with the carry bag across my shoulder, and this has been a big help with being able to easily get around to all the places you'd want to see on the Big Island.

One of the things I tell people that they should definitely check out, is the active volcano, Kilauea. It is literally making the Big Island even bigger! The coolest way to experience this huge site is to trek through the rainforest. You can see steam vents and walk through lava tubes, and that's not even to mention the beautiful views of the land.

Of course, this will be a little more challenging if you need to use a mobile cart to carry around your oxygen concentrator. It's not impossible, just easier if you can manage to carry yours in a carry bag across your shoulder or in a backpack if you have to use it during your hike. If you don't want to pull your mobile cart, you can take a helicopter ride to see it from above.

You'll also need to attend a luau and experience the colorful Polynesian culture, music, dance and food. Watch a show with hula dancers and fire dancers, and did I mention the food? There wouldn't be a trip complete without going to a luau. Just make sure that you keep your oxygen concentrator at least 5 feet away from open flames. That's really the only thing I have to warn you about!

Go to the historic town on Hilo, also located on the Big Island. There you'll see wooden store-fronts, and you can check out cool restaurants, art galleries, museums and shops along Kamehameha Avenue. One of the most popular sites is the theater that was built in 1925. There is a great art scene here, and this is most likely where you will be doing most of your shopping.

Just make sure you're carrying along extra batteries, because you won't want to stop to charge your portable oxygen concentrator. Charge them all up while you're in your hotel (like overnight) so you can spend the whole day seeing the sites, and not need to worry about low batteries. This is really the most important thing you can do on your trip.

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