User Perspective: Visiting Disney World in Orlando with Grandchildren

My son was taking his family, my three grandchildren to Orlando, Florida to get the Disney World experience. When he told me he was thinking of going, I jumped at the chance. I was there when I was younger when it was much different than it is today, and of course I had to see my grand-kids faces when they saw their favorite characters walking around the park!

I use the Airsep Freestyle 5 for my oxygen therapy, and I need to use it for most of the day. Since I knew I would be doing a lot of walking around while I was there, I went ahead and ordered a couple more external batteries to go along with my Airbelt. I already have an external battery that I use, so that made for three all together. That was enough to cover me for the flight there, which the airline was pretty strict on how much battery life I had to bring with me. Better safe than sorry, right?

It was honestly a breeze carrying around my Freestyle 5, because it's so small and light. Only a few people in the crowds gave me a second look to see what I was carrying, but when they saw what it was, they minded their own business. I'm used to getting looks from little kids, but my oldest grand-kid sometimes likes to tell people what it is so they aren't wondering.

I even went on the famous indoor roller-coaster, Space Mountain! I had to sit it out when they went on Splash Mountain, but it was nice because I got to hang out with my youngest granddaughter while everyone else was waiting for the ride. Of course, oxygen concentrators can't get wet! But Space Mountain was a great ride. I did have to wait until I was done and store my Freestyle 5 in a locker for a short time, since I didn't want to risk damaging it.

We also rode the monorail and saw the bushes that were designed into the shape of classic Disney characters. My middle granddaughter went a little crazy when she met her favorite Disney princess, Ariel. We were also able to sit and eat with Ariel (turned out to be a different Ariel, but my granddaughter didn't mind!). It was just a lot of fun to see all the people dressed up as characters, especially the more little known ones.

One of the coolest things that I enjoyed the most, and what my grandchildren loved the most, was surprisingly the Kilimanjaro Safari ride. I was able to sit and relax and look at all the African animals. I saw my favorite animal the elephant pretty close up and got some awesome pictures of it! I really just wanted to spend all day there. It was relaxing and I got to spend the most quality time with my grand-kids.

In a few years we're talking about going again, and I'll know where to get my extra batteries and any other things I might need by then for the trip.

Sue from Texas

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