User Perspective: Visiting the Grand Canyon with Oxygen

There are few sights on earth more breathtaking than the Grand Canyon. No one should have to miss out on it, even if you need to use oxygen therapy every day. There are several different options for getting oxygen therapy on the go, including portable oxygen concentrators. Needing to use oxygen therapy everyday hasn't stop our friend Maryann from fully enjoying one of her favorite places in the world.

"I was diagnosed with COPD a few years ago, and my doctor said that I need regular oxygen therapy. I got very depressed because I thought I wouldn't be able to travel anymore. When I pictured an oxygen machine, I pictured a big machine next to my bed that I would be trapped by for hours every day.

I looked at my options and decided to try to get a portable oxygen concentrator since you can use it on an airplane, and I didn't want to have to mess with getting tanks refilled. It just seemed like the easier way to go. I'm really glad I made that decision. I love my Equinox!"

The eQuinox is a portable oxygen concentrator made by SeQual. “I went with the eQuinox because it was the smallest concentrator that I could get that offers the dosage that I need, which is 3 LPM of continuous flow oxygen.”

Maryann travels to the grand canyon every other year to go camping with her husband in their van. It's important to bring a portable concentrator that can be safely charged and ran at the same time on DC power, if you plan on taking long road trips like Maryann and her husband.

"We drove with my concentrator from Denver to Grand Canyon National Park, which is a 10 hour drive. I don't have to worry about using up my battery before we get there, which is when I'll really need it! We set up camp and do some light hiking.

Rolling the Equinox around isn't nearly as hard as you'd think, because its so small and light. I also carry 2 extra batteries to make sure I'm not out hiking and run out of battery power while I still need to use it."

If you plan on visiting the Grand Canyon with your oxygen concentrator in a mobile cart, visiting the South Rim of the Grand Canyon will be the easiest. It's the most visited part of the canyon, and it's easily accessible by everyone. This is the rim that you have probably seen the most pictures of and has a beautiful view. Bring your best camera!

There are several camping options as well, some with camper hookups so you can recharge your batteries. You can look the campground at the Grand Canyon National Park Website:

"This portable oxygen concentrator allows me to go pretty much anywhere, and I'm very grateful that I have it! I hope that others who need oxygen will be able to come see the Grand Canyon at least once. It's one of the most beautiful places."

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