User Perspective: Visiting San Francisco While on Oxygen

San Francisco is a unique city with an interesting past. It's still one of the coolest cities to live and one that might get overlooked when it comes to deciding on a vacation destination. While all of your friends are going to The Bahamas or Hawaii on vacation, why not check out what there is to do and see in The City by the Bay? As an oxygen therapy patient, you shouldn't have to sit out while everyone else has all the fun!

What better way to get the ins and outs of all the best places to go in San Francisco than from someone who lives there? Neil J. moved to the city when he was 18, and today at 66, he is using a portable oxygen concentrator for his emphysema. Neil is here to give you some important tips for going to San Francisco while using a portable oxygen concentrator, and he wants to tell you about the best places to go for fun and entertainment.

I'm a big baseball fan, so of course I'm going to tell you to go to a Giants game! Mold your whole trip to San Francisco around it! Just kidding, but you should really come in the early summer so you can experience this, and experience some beautiful weather at the same time. If you don't come during baseball season or if you can't make it to a game, you can still take a tour of the stadium and see some of the cooler areas that you wouldn't normally see.

One of the main reasons I got a portable oxygen concentrator was to make it easier to go to home games. I even use a heavier concentrator that needs to be carried on a mobile cart, and it's still easy as pie to get it up and down through the seats. Not a big deal at all.

Most people ask me about riding on cable cars. Truthfully, a trip to SF wouldn't be complete unless you rode on one at least once. I recommend buying a FastPass before even coming here, because it makes getting around so much easier and is worth the expense.

Adults are $60 for unlimited rides on cable cars, streetcars and buses, but if you're over 65 or disabled, you can get it for $15. If you're not going to be here that long, get yourself a passport for the cable cars, and they charge per how many days you want to use it. No special rules for bringing a portable oxygen concentrator on board, either!

Of course, you also need to take an Alcatraz Cruise! No special rules for POC's for this, either. All completely safe and comfortable. Just make sure you have an extra battery on hand in case you need it while you're out. Not only do you get to see and learn about this infamous place, but you get a beautiful view of the bay and the Golden Gate Bridge. There's nothing more San Francisco than that.

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