User Perspective: Visiting Phoenix While on Oxygen

Over the years, Phoenix has become one of the most popular cities to live and do business in. If you've always wanted to visit this sprawling desert oasis of a city, with it's bright blue skies and hot climate, Phoenix is easy to do with a mobile oxygen concentrator.

Phoenix is a very fun city to visit, but there are a few things you should know about it first. That's why we have oxygen therapy user Abby H., who has lived in Phoenix since she was a little girl, to tell you all about traveling there. There are many factors to go over when considering to visit any city, and it's always best to take advice from someone very familiar with the area and its attractions.

I'm now 58 and I've been needing to use oxygen therapy for almost 5 years. It was rough for me at first because I hated having to lug around a tank with me everywhere I went. I'm not one to stay at home a lot, so I decided to get a portable oxygen concentrator. A great investment, indeed!

I love to seek out fun things to do and see around Phoenix, so I'll tell you about a few of my favorites, starting with my very favorite – The Desert Botanical Garden. I truly love desert plants. There's always something cool going on there, like a musician playing. If you love nature and want to experience the beauty of desert plants without trekking out into the desert itself, this is one thing you have to plan to see. Check their website to see what will be going on when you want to come visit.

As you probably already know, this place gets very hot in the summer. I mention this because it gets so hot that you won't want to leave your hotel during the day. More importantly, your portable oxygen concentrator won't be able to handle the heat! I'm sure you know of your concentrator's maximum operation temperature? Phoenix can get up to 110 degrees in the summer. This is why I recommend that visitors come here during April, May, September or October.

Another great place I tell everyone about is the Phoenix Art Museum. Greatly educational and lots of really nice art to see. Check the current or upcoming exhibits so you can see if there is something that's really up your alley. There is art to see here from all over the world, as well as live music shows. There's always a fun program there for kids if you have your grandkids with you! It's great to watch them learn.

If you're looking for some active outdoor fun and you don't mind carrying your portable oxygen concentrator for stuff like that, you can visit South Mountain Park. You can hike the trails, ride your bike and even take a horseback ride through this beautiful and huge desert park. It's also great because its free, and you can get some fresh air and take a leisurely walk, or get some exercise if you want.

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