User Perspective: Visiting Houston While on Oxygen

Houston is one city in the southern United States that stands out. It's welcoming to people of all ages, with plenty of different interests and hobbies. It's a great place to visit with anyone, but not every city is so hospitable to families and children, specifically. It's also strangely planned out, so it's the perfect place for anyone who is up for a rather random and spontaneous adventure. If you need to use oxygen therapy, that shouldn't stop you. No need to feel inhibited just because of your oxygen use.

Jane and Gabriella are two friends that have been living in Houston since the 70's, and they both use portable oxygen concentrators. While their needs are different, they both have some very useful advice, and some things they want to tell you about their city. If you didn't plan on going to Houston yet, you probably will after hearing from these two interesting women.

I'm Jane, and I do a lot of traveling with my Freestyle 5. My doctor mentioned that I should go for a small portable oxygen concentrator instead of tanks to get around, seeing as I don't need that high of an oxygen dose, and I like to travel a lot.

I'm Gabriella, and I use the Invacare XPO2 on the setting of 5. I've been using it since I was 57 when I was diagnosed with emphysema, and I didn't want to deal with getting tanks refilled forever. Such a great investment!

Our number favorite spot, and the place we recommend the most to anyone thinking about visiting Houston, is the Houston Zoo. We come here with our families once a year and it never gets old, because there is always something new to see. This is definitely an all day event, so charge up and packs up your batteries! It shouldn't be any trouble at all to get on the trams, because even the mobile carts are light. Tell Charlie the chimp we said “hi”!

If you have your grand-kids in tow (which is always a ton of fun!), you have to go to the Children's Museum of Houston. Actually, this place is interesting to kids of all ages, not just the little ones. They change out the seasonal exhibits so there's always something timely and fresh to check out.

The kids can build something in the Building Zone and learn about the laws of physics in a fun way and learn how plants grow, learn how to use critical thinking and learn about matter and chemistry. They can have fun, which is the best way to learn anything.

While the museum is a good bit of indoor fun, you can do stuff outdoors too, just mind the heat! Houston gets pretty hot and muggy in the summer and even in the spring and fall, and that heat can be rough on you and your oxygen concentrator. Just be careful and don't strain yourself, and get inside in the AC as much as possible.

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