User Perspective: Visiting Chicago and Grant Park on Oxygen

Chicago is one of the most exciting cities in the United States, and a great place to visit whether you are into art, business, food, or virtually anything else. This city pretty much has everything. It's one of those cities that you don't want to miss out on, if you want to take a road trip or to visit all the different parts of the United States. If you need to use oxygen therapy and want to visit Chicago, you shouldn't have to feel like you need to miss out on an adventure in this city.

You don't need to go there without a clue, though. Jared P. has been using a portable oxygen concentrator for a few years now, and knows how to get around The Windy City while using it. He has a few great recommended travel destinations for your stay in Chicago, and some travel tips for using your portable oxygen concentrator, en route to the city, and while you're there.

I've been using oxygen therapy for 5 years now, not long after I was diagnosed with emphysema. At first I was using the tanks, and I didn't realize there were any other good options for a while until I wanted to take a flight to Cancun and couldn't because tanks aren't allowed on airplanes. That's when I got my DeVilbiss iGo portable concentrator. It makes travel so much easier, even if I'm just going across town.

Of course, one of the mainstays of any visit to Chicago is the famous Willis Tower, the tall building formerly known as The Sears Tower. The name changed in 2009 when Willis Group Holdings bought it. It can be confusing to non-Chicagoan's when we call it the Willis Tower!

You'll have to visit and make it to one of the top floors as the sun is setting. The view is spectacular. You won't need to worry about getting your portable concentrator up there, since there are elevators, but the mobile carts are meant to get around rough spots, too. Save money for a gift shop souvenir!

Another thing you'll need to remember is to charge up more than one battery before you go. You can't count on being able to stop and plug in your portable oxygen concentrator, and you don't want to have to sit still that long! Just charge up your batteries overnight and bring them with you in your bag.

After that, you'll have to check out the #1 art museum in the world (according to Trip Advisor), the Art Institute of Chicago! Check out their website to see what exhibits are going on at the moment, to see if there is something there that you wouldn't want to miss. Don't worry about the air noises coming from your portable oxygen concentrator. It's no louder than a whisper, and not enough to bother anybody.

Adler Planetarium is definitely one of the coolest things to see in Chicago. If you're into anything science and space related, there are many things to do here that you'll love. I recommend coming here in the summer when you can get the most out of visit Grant Park. I love coming here to walk with my friends, but there is plenty here to keep anyone happy.

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