Useful Accessories for the Inogen One G3

When searching for an oxygen concentrator, it’s important to consider whether or not you’ll need a portable machine. If you’re planning on traveling or carrying your oxygen with you, a portable oxygen concentrator is lighter than other models, plus you don’t have to carry extra tanks of oxygen. Something else to research is what types of accessories you can buy to accompany the oxygen machine.

At Oxygen Concentrator Store, the Inogen One G3 is a top-selling portable oxygen concentrator. It’s a pulse dose model and is one of the lightest models out there. With the 8-cell (small) battery, this oxygen machine is less than five pounds in weight, and it can last an average of four hours on setting two. It’s a very quiet machine, with a noise level of fewer than 40 decibels. Besides the convenience of this oxygen concentrator, it also comes with many accessories to make carrying it a little easier.

Here are accessories you can buy for the Inogen One G3 machine:

Inogen G3 Batteries

If you’re new to portable oxygen machines, you should know that batteries are very important. Since you likely won’t be plugging your oxygen machine into anything (unless you’re waiting in an airport or are at home), you want to be sure you have enough battery to give life to your machine while you’re out and about.

Extended battery life is a common desire for many users of portable oxygen concentrators. Because of this, there is a Inogen One G3 16-cell large battery. With a full charge, this battery lasts an average of eight hours at setting number two. If you’re going on a long car ride, train ride, or especially on a plane, this could be a great option.

If you don't need your portable oxygen battery to last eight hours, go with the Inogen One G3 8-cell small battery. With a full three-hour charge, this will last an average of four hours. If you’re looking for a way to recharge your batteries outside of your portable oxygen concentrator, look to the G3 External Battery Charger. In as little as two hours, the 8-cell battery can be charged; the 16-cell can be charged in as little as four. .

G3 Portable Oxygen Bags

Since it’s common to travel with portable oxygen, the Inogen One G3 offers two ways of conveniently carrying this oxygen machine. The Carry Bag comes with a strap for easy handling. If you’re looking for an even more hands-free approach to carrying oxygen, the G3 Backpack will come in handy. You can also easily connect the machine to an AC/DC power cord to charge while it’s still in the backpack.

G3 Additional Accessories

Charging your portable oxygen concentrator while on the go is possible with the help of the Inogen One DC Power Cord. Whether you’re in the car, on a boat, or traveling across the country in an RV, this cord connects your machine to a DC power source. The Inogen One AC Power Supply connects to an electrical outlet, allowing you to charge your battery effectively.

Besides accessories that can help you charge your Inogen G3 oxygen machine, you may need to change your Inogen filters. Additional filters are available for flow settings 1-4, as well as settings 1-5. Finally, we sell Inogen One G3 replacement columns for flow settings 1-4 and settings 1-5.

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