Used Portable Oxygen Concentrator Batteries

Not only are you taking advantage of a great deal with one of our used portable oxygen concentrators, but we also offer some gently used concentrator batteries for various models. It's always a good idea to take every opportunity you can to stock up on spare batteries.

Having more batteries means you have even more time with 100% mobility while receiving your oxygen therapy. That means more time to explore new places while traveling, and more time to go shopping, out on a date, or hanging out with friends. More batteries, means more freedom.

Even though batteries begin to degrade and lose some of their power over time, it takes a pretty long time before most portable oxygen concentrator batteries are so old and used that they become useless and need to be replaced. For example, it takes 500 power cycles before the Eclipse 3 battery degrades so much that it becomes noticeable. A power cycle is when you charge a battery and deplete it. When you charge it up again, you've started the next power cycle.

After 500 power cycles, the battery will begin to not hold the charge as long as it used to. You can trust that none of our used batteries are anywhere near the 500 mark, and have only been used a few times. This means they are still working at their full capacity, and will continue to work at their full capacity for a long time. The only real difference is, you're getting them at a discounted price!

We're offering used Sequal Eclipse batteries, and the Eclipse external battery charger at this used discount. These Sequal accessories are compatible with any Eclipse model, so whether you have an Eclipse, Eclipse 2, Eclipse 3, or the newest Eclipse 5, the used battery and battery charger will work with it.

Having an external battery charger is a huge convenience. If you know you will be going out, you can charge up one or two spare batteries on the external charger while you are using the one in the concentrator, or while you are conserving battery power by running it off of an outlet at home before you leave.

We also have used Respirionics external battery chargers, which are compatible with both the SimplyGo and the EverGo batteries, as well as used EverGo replacement batteries. If you have a Respirionics EverGo, or if you're looking for a discount on the EverGo or SimplyGo battery charger, here is your golden opportunity.

It's always a good idea to have a lot more backup battery power than you think you will need for your trip. You never know when you might hit a snag in your travel plans. Plan for all kinds of unexpected turn of events, such as a vehicle breaking down, someone showing up somewhere much later than planned. You and your friends might decide to see a movie instead of just hanging out at their house. Having plenty of backup batteries is essential for you to feel as free as possible while using your portable oxygen concentrator. It's the whole point of owning one!

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