Used Air Sep New Life Home Oxygen Concentrator Reviews

This is one of our best deals on a used home oxygen concentrator! These AirSep New Life units are used, but completely rebuilt, serviced and tested to be sure that you can depend on them to deliver the oxygen you need. The New Life has the flow settings from 1 to 5, and it comes with a 90 day parts warranty. Our customers on a tight budget, or care facilities that are providing oxygen therapy to their patients are the ones who are the most pleased with our used New Life models.

We enjoy being able to offer such afforable deals to people who need oxygen regardless of their budget. If you want an oxygen concentrator, you shouldn't have to settle for less in quality. Here are some of the things they've had to say when we asked how they were doing with their concentrators.

“I needed an oxygen concentrator fast and I didn't have a lot of money to spend on one. My Grandma moved in with me a few months ago and she needed to use oxygen therapy and her old home oxygen concentrator stopped working well enough to give her the 5 LPM that she needs. I scrambled to get something for her, and I'm just really grateful that you guys offer this refurbished model at such an affordable price. I'll definitely be returning for another from your store in the future when we can save up enough money for a new model.” - CJ

“This thing works perfectly, I can't believe I only paid a tiny fraction of what I would have paid for a new one. Selling used, refurbished oxygen concentrators was a great idea because so many people who can use one never get to because they cost so much. This just seems to make it more fair for people who need to use oxygen therapy! I've been using mine for 6 months now, and it's still working great, no problems at all. I haven't even noticed much of a difference in our electric bill since I started using it. This model is really energy efficient. Thanks for this great concentrator!” - Stacey

“I would recommend this used concentrator to any who just needs a home oxygen oxygen concentrator without all the bells and whistles, just something you can depend on to give you at least 5 LPM of oxygen. I need to use oxygen at night only, and I didn't want something that would make a whole lot of noise or drive my energy costs through the roof. This thing was old and all I could get at the time with my money, and I thought it would be so loud that it would keep me awake at night, but I was amazed when I turned it on for the first time and heard how quiet it really is. If it wasn't for this used deal, I would still be refilling liquid oxygen tanks. If you couldn't tell, I'm pretty happy with my new home oxygen concentrator.” - Joey

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