Units We Sell that Compare to the Easy Pulse Concentrator

The Precision Medical Easy Pulse portable oxygen concentrator is a model on the market now that easily compares too many other pulse dose portable oxygen concentrators. In fact, many other portable models have much more features and settings that this concentrator does not.

The Precision Medical Easy Pulse goes up to a setting of 5 LPM, equivalent in pulse dose settings. You could compare this to the Inogen One G3, G2, Lifechoice ActivOx and really any pulse dose only device that we carry.

For example, The ActivOx also has features that ensure that you are always getting the amount of oxygen you need, no matter what you're doing. Your breath rate changes when you're sleeping, or when you're climbing a flight of stairs or riding your bike. It quickly senses when the air pressure of your breath changes, even at the slightest change, and it releases the pulse of oxygen right when you need it.

This is why the ActivOx, and other portable models that have this feature, are perfect for those who need to use it while exercising. The Easy Pulse portable concentrator also has this feature, which is sure to release the pulse when you need it, regardless of your breath rate.

One thing you would notice about the Easy Pulse, is its extremely simple and easy to use controls. Our portable concentrators, especially the AirSep Focus, Freestyle and Freestyle 5 all have this minimalistic control panel. Being another very small portable oxygen concentrator just like the three mentioned, it comes available with a small supplemental battery that can be plugged into the concentrator for a longer battery life.

It also has a filter that can be taken out and cleaned or replaced about once a year, just like many of our portable oxygen concentrators. This is the gross particle filter, or the inlet filter that filters out the particles in the air, so they aren't brought into the machine or breathed in.

It features an alarm system when the battery starts to run low, just like all of our portable models. An LED light comes on and an easy to read battery meter will show you just how long you have before you need to plug in an external battery, or charge the unit.

The battery also lasts for an average amount of time for concentrator of this size and pulse dose settings. On the setting of 2, it will last for around 3 hours on its own. The AirSep Focus will last for the same amount of time on the same setting. You can also charge it up in the car (DC power) as well as in the house (AC power), just like any other portable oxygen concentrator.

There's nothing the Precision Medical Easy Pulse can do that the Inogen One G2, ActivOx, Focus or EverGo can't do, except the prices here at American Medical are as low as you'll find.

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