Traveling with Oxygen

Everything you need to know about traveling with oxygen. Read up on advice about traveling with a portable oxygen concentrator, as well as ways to make it even easier and more convenient. Get suggestions for where to go, and the best things to see on your travel adventures and read stories for inspiration about how you can stay active while getting the oxygen therapy you need.
  • Portable Oxygen Concentrator Rentals in Miami

    For some excitement, natural beauty, clean air and the best beach on the East Coast, you'll want to keep a visit to Miami on your bucket list for sure. If your family is taking a vacation to this city, of course you don't want to be left at home, just because you need to use oxygen therapy. All you have to do is give us a call, and we'll help you select the portable oxygen concentrator that will best meet your needs, and have it shipped to you right when you need it.

    South Florida is a great place to be during the winter, since even January doesn't get much colder than 65 degrees during the day time. Still, the best times to visit Miami are during the spring and late fall, when temperatures are pleasant, yet still warm enough to go swimming at the famed Miami Beach. During these times of year, humidity is lower and the skies are clearer. If you're there in the heat and humidity, just take precautions to stay cool, since high heat can be exacerbate COPD.

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  • Portable Oxygen Concentrator Rentals in Portland

    If you like roses, rain, coffee, and living the environmentally friendly lifestyle, you might just fall in love with Portland if you've never been there before. Whether you've never been there before, or you want to visit again, we definitely don't want you to miss out! Our fleet of portable oxygen rentals are here to make your trip possible, as well as easier and as hassle-free as possible. Give us a call and we'll have your portable oxygen concentrator at your door, just in time for your trip to The City of Roses.

    You won't have any trouble getting around in this town, because of how well it was planned out in the way of land use and public transportation, and that's why it's one of the most environmentally friendly cities in the continental US. Hop a ride on a convenient TriMet bus, rent a car to explore the town, or take your time and walk or bike to many of the great destinations around the city. Either way you choose to get around while you're there, you oxygen concentrator will be up and out of your way. All of our portable concentrators are approved for every type of public transportation.

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  • First Time Taking a Flight with Portable Oxygen Concentrator

    For many people, the whole point of getting a portable oxygen concentrator, is so they can board an airplane while still using their oxygen therapy. Whether you already own a portable oxygen concentrator and you are planning a trip, or if you are renting an oxygen concentrator so you can go on vacation with your family, there are some special steps you will need to take, long before you step on the airplane.

    All of our portable oxygen concentrators are approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for travel aboard an airplane. Even so, there are still certain requirements for taking a portable oxygen concentrator with you when you fly, and they can differ, depending on the airline you are using. If you've never flown with an oxygen concentrator before, here is a list of steps to take to make the process as smooth for you as possible.

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  • Orlando Portable Oxygen Concentrator Rentals

    Everyone automatically thinks of “the happiest place on earth”, Disney World, whenever they hear about Orlando, but that's definitely not all there is to do here. Visiting Orlando takes plenty of planning ahead if you want to catch as many attractions as possible, as well as meet a few of your favorite Disney characters. You won't need to sacrifice anything if you need oxygen therapy – like missing out on the vacation of a lifetime – with the help of one of our portable oxygen concentrator rentals, and our helpful customer service representatives.

    When flying, make sure you notify your airline of your plans to bring along a portable oxygen concentrator, and they will let you know what you need to bring with you in the way of battery power. Some airlines require that you have enough battery charge to last for 150% of the trip. You will be able to add as many batteries as you need to your rental package.

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  • Road Trip and Portable Oxygen Concentrator Safety

    One of the main points of owning a portable oxygen concentrator, is so you can travel and go anywhere you please, while still getting the oxygen therapy you need. While all of out portable oxygen concentrators are FAA approved for airplane travel, you may decide to take a road trip to get where you need to go.

    Road trips with oxygen are about the journey as much as they are about the destination, and they allow you to take in the country side as you go from one destination to the next. We don't want you to miss out on anything, but we also want to make sure you are safe, you're getting the oxygen you need on your trip, and your oxygen concentrator will continue to work properly.

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  • Jacksonville Portable Oxygen Concentrator Rentals

    If you'd like to take a big city vacation and do plenty of exploring and golfing, then you might already have planned to visit the sprawling city of Jacksonville, Florida. This city is much like the other Floridian cities of Miami and Orlando in terms of great, almost tropical weather and beaches, but much bigger and with more of a mellow feel, with still plenty to do and see. You don't need to skip out on a trip to this great city if you need oxygen therapy, not with our great deals on portable oxygen concentrator rentals.

    Start planning ahead for your trip by calling your airline if you will be flying with oxygen, and find out what their requirements are for bringing a portable oxygen concentrator aboard the airplane. They will most likely want a statement from your doctor, and they will want you to bring a specific amount of extra battery power for your flight. After you gather this information, which you should do no less than 2 weeks before your flight, you can contact us to pick out your rental package, and exactly how many batteries you will need for the trip.

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  • Indianapolis Portable Oxygen Concentrator Rentals

    In recent years, Indianapolis has been recognized for being one of the best cities in the country to visit, or live in, by publications like Forbes and With this kind of great reputation building, many people will continue to move here, or at least come to explore the city and its many great destinations. We understand that you will want to visit as many places in your lifetime as possible, and we encourage it. This is why we offer so many different models of portable oxygen concentrators to rent.

    Driving into the city would be a piece of cake if you live nearby, as long as your car battery can handle charging and running your concentrator, while running the car without being depleted. Talk to one of our sales representatives to talk over the details of each oxygen machine, and decide on the best one for you. Just make sure your car battery is new and in perfect working order before going on your trip, and if you are interested in the Sequal Eclipse models, choose the Eclipse 5 – this model can be safely charged and run on a car battery, unlike the Eclipse 3.

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  • Portable Oxygen Concentrator Rentals in Atlanta

    If you're looking for a good time, you love being out in nature among lots of trees, or you just love biting into a good peach, a trip to Atlanta might be what you should experience at least once. You might even just live within driving distance and want to take a week or weekend to explore the city that has been so famous, evolving and growing over the last 50 years.

    We don't want you to miss out on seeing such a great place and everything that makes it so interesting, which is why we offer such great deals on our portable oxygen concentrator rentals. There are many choices in our rental fleet, so you are bound to find the one that will meet your oxygen therapy needs. You'll also have the assistance of one of our knowledgeable representatives, who will help you decide on which package is right for you. They will also make sure your rental is at your doorstep in time for your trip.

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  • Portable Oxygen Concentrator Rentals in Bethesda

    Not everyone is looking for a party, but even though Bethesda is generally more focused on business and academia, you can still find a good night out in this town. If you haven't already planned on visiting, Bethesda Maryland is just Northwest of Washington D.C., so you may want to come and check it out before or after taking a tour of our nation's capital.

    Bethesda has made to a few of the Top lists in notable magazines, such as in Forbe's “most educated”, on of the most liveable cities, and one of the top earning cities. If you'd like to pay a visit, don't let your need for oxygen therapy hold you back – our rental fleet of portable oxygen concentrators are affordable and ready for you to pick one out.

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  • More Oxygen Concentrator Car Travel Planning Tips

    Summer and Fall are two major seasons for road trips from one city to the next in your car, or for one big one across the country in an RV. Whether you live in the northern states, or down south where the weather tends to cool off a little this time of year, the conditions are great for some sight seeing and long drives.

    Planning Ahead

    Any kind of oxygen travel requires plenty of detailed planning to make sure everything goes smoothly, and traveling by car with your portable oxygen concentrator is no different. The first and most important step, is getting the OK from your doctor to go on your trip. Sometimes we feel well enough to do something, but your doctor might be able to see a potential danger that could spring up somewhere down the line.

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