Users Perspective: Traveling to Yellowstone National Park with Oxygen

My family brought up that they wanted to take a trip to Yellowstone National Park last year for the family vacation. Two years before that, they traveled to The Redwood Forest to go camping, and I was unable to go because I had oxygen tanks, and we would have had to travel by plane. This past family vacation, I was able to go with a portable oxygen concentrator rental from American Medical!

I was sad at first, because I thought I would have to miss out on yet another family vacation. My 8 year old grandson was getting to see these amazing things, and I wasn't able to go and see them, or see the wonder on his face while he saw them. I've seen pictures of Yellowstone and I so badly wanted to go. I mentioned this to my son-in-law and he suggested that I look into getting a portable oxygen concentrator, just for the trip.

I'm so glad I went through with it. I rented the Sequal Eclipse with 3 batteries, because that's how much covered me for the flight, and then some. That's about how much the airline required me to have for how much I needed to use my concentrator throughout the flight, with some left over. Pretty good deal! I also didn't have to worry about running out while I was touring the park with my family, since I had a battery ready to go at all times.

It was nice to not have to worry about my battery or anything once we set out for the day. I could focus on seeing all there is to see in this beautiful national park. We went to see the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, not to be confused with the Grand Canyon in Arizona, which I saw only once when I was very young. Since I had the Eclipse 3 with the mobile cart, I had to be a little extra careful, but I got to travel along most of the same paths as my younger family members!

Of course, we also had to go see Old Faithful and the other geysers in the park. What trip to Yellowstone would be complete without seeing Old Faithful? It definitely was quite a sight to see when it went off. There was a big crowd in the area where people can go to watch it go off, and at first I was afraid I would take up too much room with my concentrator, mobile cart and accessory bag.

It really wasn't a big deal, though. The cart moved smoothly and I didn't feel held back or crowded at all. I got to enjoy the geysers, the scenery and my family along with everyone else. I forgot that I was even using an oxygen concentrator for most of the trip. It was just another thing that was coming along with us.

We did so many other great things at Yellowstone, that it would take me way to long to write in detail. When we got home, I was able to put the rental and the accessories all back in one box and send it back. It was so easy and I had a great experience overall.

Janet from California

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