Traveling on a Greyhound Bus with a Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Traveling via Greyhound from one point in the country to another is one of the cheapest ways to travel. If you don't need to reach your destination as directly or quickly, a Greyhound is a cheaper alternative to getting a plane ticket. This is also a great option if you only need to travel to the next state over, or just a few states over. If you need to use oxygen therapy, you can easily do so on your trip on a Greyhound bus. However, there are a few things you will have to do to make sure you can do so.

Ben O. has traveled by Greyhound a few times with his portable oxygen concentrator, and has some firsthand experience in the whole process, and the best things to do to make it go as smoothly as possible. With just a few simple preparations, you'll be able to travel on a Greyhound just like anyone else.

I always go to the Dr. a week or so before my trip, just to make sure I'm alright enough to travel so far from home. This might not be totally necessary for everyone, but I have severe COPD and I still get out of breath quite frequently. My Dr. does a physical and checks my blood oxygen level. You also have to call them 48 hours before you need to take your trip, just so they can make any necessary accommodations. They don't need a physician's note, as is the case with many airlines if you fly.

I've traveled with Greyhound only once before with oxygen tanks and this was a bit more of a pain, more than with a portable oxygen concentrator anyway. They allow you to bring as many as 4 cylinders with you all together, but I could only keep 2 of them with me. The other 2 had to go in cargo and had to be checked as baggage. Not really a big deal.

I did end up getting a portable oxygen concentrator, because I liked the idea of only needing to carry along extra batteries instead of extra oxygen cylinders. This was much more convenient and easier. I even got a battery package, so I could get all the extra batteries I would need. You just have to make sure you charge them up all the way before you leave, since you won't be able to plug in your portable concentrator anywhere on the bus.

A good mobile cart, carry bag or backpack to carry your POC in is also essential. You should hopefully already have one if you own a portable oxygen concentrator, because it sure beats carrying it around by hand everywhere you go. The mobile cart handle pushes down, and you can push it down all the way while you're in your seat. It also pulls back up really easily when you need to get off the bus. An accessory bag would be necessary for carrying your batteries, unless you can fit them in your bag.

Tips for Traveling on a Greyhound Bus with a Mobile Concentrator

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  • Cynthia

    I have exasperated copd I have to do breathing treatment when needed can I do it while on greyhound bus

    • Danielle Jason

      Thank you for your inquiry, Cynthia. Yes, many of our patients have used an oxygen concentrator onboard a bus. However, always be sure to inquire with the company prior to your oxygen use as each company has different rules and requirements regarding medical equipment.


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