Travel Season and the Need for Extra Batteries

It's that time of year again, when we all start to feel especially restless after a long and hard winter. You've been stuck indoors, dreaming of wide open spaces, being out in nature, and making plans for where you would like go that you've never been to before. Even if you all you are doing is visiting family a few towns away, it's extremely important to be sure that you have plenty of battery life to power your portable oxygen concentrator, and then some.

Why are extra batteries so important?

It's true that not all portable models can be used safely in a motor vehicle, on all of the settings. You will need to check with the owners manual that came with your specific model to see if this is the case, if you're not sure, before deciding to take a long road trip. For example, the SeQual Eclipse 3 and its previous Eclipse model cannot be charged and ran at the same time, but the Eclipse 5 and the new Equinox can be charged and ran at the same time, safely and on any setting.

How to make sure you have enough battery power for a road trip:

If you have an Eclipse 3, having at least one extra battery completely charged up and ready to go is crucial. There is no reason why you should miss out on the oxygen therapy dosage that you need. It's dangerous, and you can easily remedy this issue with extra batteries and some planning ahead. Simply charge up all of your batteries the day or night before you are ready to leave, and you should have enough battery power to last you your whole trip.

Be sure to do the math: Find out exactly how long it will take you to reach your destination by car, and add 3 hours for bathroom breaks or other stops, traffic backups and any other delays. See about how much battery duration it takes to power the setting you use on your portable oxygen concentrator. Add as many fully-charged batteries as it will take to meet the drive time, plus at least 3 hours.

You might be able to use the same basic idea for a trip on an airplane, except your the airline you are flying with might have their own specific requirements for how much battery life you should have before you board your flight. This is one of the reasons why you need to contact your airline at least 2 weeks before your flight.

They might tell you that you will need triple the amount of battery duration you usually need, just to make sure you are covered if there are any delays. If you don't have what they require when you need to board for your flight, they might not allow you on board, because it would be unsafe for you.

Having one or two extra, fully-charged batteries whenever you go anywhere is important, because you just never know when you will have some sort of set back.

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