Transcend Auto Full-Featured CPAP Machine

The Transcend Auto is a new fully-featured CPAP machine that is the answer to many people's needs. All CPAP machines take some getting used to, but some make it much easier with certain comfort features. Automatic CPAP machines adjust to your breath rate as necessary, and many patients with sleep apnea need this sort of air pressure. And the best part is, it's easily transported for overnight stays!

Not only is the new Transcend Auto now one of the best auto CPAP. You might also see it described as APAP, which stands for "Auto-titrating Positive Airway Pressure". This auto-titrating air pressure can be adjusted to your individual needs, as observed by your doctor. It's equipped with sensors that are sensitive enough to pick up on the most subtle changes in your breathing.

This APAP machine is now the most portable model in the world. It weighs less that 1 pound, which makes it incredibly easy to put in your backpack or travel bag. You won't even notice that it's there. It also features two different battery options – a solar powered battery charger, and a DC mobile adapter to charge it while you're in a motor vehicle.

You'll also find it easier for you and your sleep therapist to keep a closer eye on your CPAP therapy data, recorded by the Transcend Auto. The breath patterns recorded while you're sleeping are saved “in the cloud”, as well as directly onto your computer. It automatically keeps a more accurate and detailed record, and makes it easy to share this information with your sleep therapist, who can get online and check it on a secure website.

It's also now the quietest of the CPAP machines. This is one of the reasons why it's so easy to get used to using the Transcend Auto, even for those who have never used one before. It was built with a vibration-free blower, and creates no more than 26.6 decibels of noise. This is around 10 decibels less than many other CPAP machines with the same power.

It's great that medical technology is making such leaps and bounds in the area of CPAP machines. Now people with obstructive sleep apnea can have more freedom and convenience, without worrying about lugging a bigger, heavier CPAP machine around. With the advances in computer technology, sleep apnea patients can also receive better treatment with quicker analysis.

It can be a little tough to start using a CPAP machine after being diagnosed with sleep apnea. You'll have to get used to wearing a mask while you sleep, and get used to a rush of air pushing through your air passages as you fall asleep.

That's why CPAP machines, such as the Transcend Auto, are designed for the highest levels of comfort. A gradual climb in air pressure allows you to peacefully fall asleep, and the low sound level will be just like a white noise, which has been known to actually help people fall asleep

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