Activities and Events For Reno Seniors

Reno, Nevada is dubbed "The Biggest Little City in the World" for its small-town feel combined with a population of nearly 250,000 residents. Renoites are proudly connected to their community and the many attractions that it has to offer, with thousands of tourists pouring into the city all year round. But, despite the city’s buzzing touristry department, Reno is also committed to supporting their senior residents through special services and recreation.

Seniors in Reno have access to many activities across the city. From staying fit and active to enjoying arts and culture, there’s no shortage of senior-friendly activities in Reno. So, here’s a selection of our favorites.

Check Out The Reno/Tahoe Senior Games

A Senior-Exclusive Reno Event

The Reno/Tahoe Senior Games are a special event offered by The City of Reno’s Senior Services Division, which operates out of the city’s Department of Parks, Recreation, and Community Services. Created to give seniors encouragement and support as they lead an involved, active lifestyle, the Senior Games include both individual and team competitions for people aged 50 and older. Everyone can sign up for the Senior Games, which take place in both the winter and summer.

A wide variety of events are included at the winter and summer Senior Games. In the winter, seniors can participate in fun events including archery, bowling, go-karts, pickleball, ski and snowboard racing, and swimming, among others. Examples of summer events include track and field, croquet, golf, horseshoes, bocce ball, and fly casting.

Some people develop medical conditions in older age that can make breathing more difficult. But, trouble breathing shouldn’t stop Reno seniors from participating in the Senior Games. Oxygen therapy is a treatment to help seniors breathe easier, helping them participate in their favorite events.

Kayaking on Lake Tahoe

Participate in Monthly Events From The Senior Services Division

Stay Fit and Connected Through Reno’s Senior Services

The City of Reno’s Senior Services also offers an extensive array of events and activities for local seniors. Participating in these events is a wonderful way for seniors is Reno to connect, stay active, and experience the local culture.

Senior Services Events are put on every day all over the city of Reno. Fitness classes, social gatherings, arts and culture, and special trips are included in the events calendar, which you can find on the city of Reno’s official website. With the large volume of senior events offered in Reno, older adults have the opportunity to try out new hobbies and learn new skills.

Examples of activities offered by the Senior Services Division include:

  • Yoga
  • Pickleball
  • Badminton
  • Computer classes
  • Tai Chi
  • Ballroom Dancing
  • Plays at local performing arts centers
  • Crochet and knitting
  • Billiards

Hike Around Ambrose Park

A Peaceful Escape For Renoites

As part of Reno’s Truckee River Trails, Ambrose Park is a quiet, grassy area that provides an escape from the bustle of the city. As one of the lesser-known parks in Reno, seniors can enjoy a peaceful walk along the paths or by the river. With colorful wildflowers, sweeping sagebrush, and undisturbed wildlife, Amrose Park is a tranquil spot to reflect and enjoy nature.

Small areas for sitting are scattered throughout Ambrose Park, so seniors can bring along a book and read in the shade. Dogs are also welcome at this Reno park, so you can take your furry friend for a walk and even let them enjoy the cool river water.

Throughout spring, summer, and fall, Ambrose Park is a serene spot for seniors to experience, both alone and with loved ones. The park is especially beautiful in late spring, when the grass is a vibrant green, the sky is blue and cloudless, and the wildflowers are in full bloom. There’s no better place for seniors to experience Reno’s natural beauty and sunshiney weather.

Visit The Nevada Museum of Art

Outstanding Art Made Accessible To All

The Nevada Museum of Art, located in midtown Reno, has been around since 1931. In a state-of-the-art facility spanning 70,000 square feet, the museum is inspired by the breathtaking scenery of its surrounding region. By visiting the museum, Reno seniors can forge a deeper connection with their city by exploring its history, landscape, and ever-changing nature.

May is Older Americans Month, and it’s celebrated at the Nevada Museum of Art through free admission for seniors. Every Wednesday in May, seniors can receive free admission to the museum and enjoy the world-class art that it has to offer.

The Nevada Museum of Art also hosts “Art Afternoon”, a workshop and social event for seniors. This afternoon includes a guided tour of the museum along with a studio art class. Art Afternoon gives seniors the opportunity to explore art in an interactive environment while learning more about the work on display at this renowned museum.

Final Thoughts

Reno is a city of sunny weather and close community connections. It’s a wonderful place for seniors to settle in, with plenty of local events and activities to enjoy all year long. Older adults can stay active, be social, and explore Western culture with the assortment of Reno attractions listed above.


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