Tips for Flying with a Portable Oxygen Concentrator on United Airlines

Major airlines are always working to make sure that anyone can use them to travel to where they need to go, and make accommodations for those with disabilities or certain medical requirements. Thankfully, they often do allow portable oxygen concentrators that have been approved by the Federal Aviation Administration. Portable oxygen concentrators that have been approved by the FAA can be allowed on a commercial flight going to or from the United States, but each airline is not required to allow them.

One great airline used by many people is United Airlines. Just like any other airline, you will need to call ahead of time to let them know that you will need to bring a portable oxygen concentrator on board with you, to be used during the flight.

Portable Oxygen Concentrator on United Airlines FlightsUnited requires no less than a 48 hour call in advance before your flight, but it's a good idea to call much further ahead than this. They will let you know how many batteries you will need to bring on board your flight, and you may need to order more batteries depending on the length of the flight. Doing this a few weeks in advance gives you the easiest time in preparing yourself with enough battery life required for your trip. To do this, you will need to call United's disability desk at the customer contact center.

The reason you will need a certain amount of battery life, probably much more than what you would normally need, is because they want you to be prepared in the event of delays. United's planes do not provide in-sight power, so you will have to make sure you will be completely self sufficient throughout the whole flight.

You will also need to bring a written statement, filled out by your doctor. To make it easier and to make sure your Dr. gives the information required by United, you can download and print a form from their website for your doctor to fill out. This form, and the phone number for the customer contact center can be found here at

There is also a list of the FAA approved portable oxygen concentrators that United will allow on their flights. Among these POCs are Respirionics SimplyGo, SeQual's Eclipse and Equinox, as well as the Focus, Freestyle and Freestyle 5 by AirSep, and many other great portable oxygen concentrators.

United also does not count your portable oxygen concentrator, the mobile cart, or accessory bag as part of your carry on limit, which is a great convenience and allows you to bring other things you may need during your flight. All this information, as well as a check list of the things you will need, or the things you need to do before your flight, is found on

We at American Medical want to make sure you have a safe flight while receiving the oxygen therapy you need, and we will work quickly to make sure you have the portable oxygen concentrator and all the batteries you need, on time for your flight.

You will also need to have your doctor fill out a physician's statement, which is a form that can be found here: United Airlines Portable Oxygen Physician's Statement.

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