Tidy Tubing, the Easy Tubing Solution

The goal of portable oxygen concentrators is to keep patients as active as possible while they are using oxygen. At AMSR we see all of the struggles that our patients experience on a daily basis, and we stock products that can help our customers avoid these. One of the main difficulties is maneuvering with yards of oxygen tube connecting you and your concentrator. The fear of tangling, tripping over, or kinking your tube can be a constant worry that no patient wants to deal with. This can result in a bad connection with your machine and a stoppage of the oxygen supplied.

Luckily there is a simple solution, a new type of oxygen tube called Tidy Tubing. This is a great advancement designed by captive technology that is self-retracting but can stretch up to 15 feet! If more length is needed, up to three can be attached to stretch 45 feet. The patented coil nature insures that the tube stretches only as far as you need it to; with no need for an oxygen tubing reel. The tubing has a clip on one end that attaches to the clothing of the patients and the other end attaches to your machine, insuring a continuous flow of oxygen at all times. For patients looking for an easier way to stay connected into their concentrators tidy tubing is an obvious choice.

Tidy Tubing

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