The Toughest and Most Dependable Oxygen Concentrators

Do you need a stronger and more durable oxygen concentrator that will meet your lifestyle needs? After you know you are meeting your oxygen therapy needs, you might realize that you need a concentrator that can still work just as well at a certain altitude, or a lightweight model with a battery that can last as long as the ones found in larger portable oxygen concentrators. Here is a list, organized by class, of our most powerful, longest lasting and toughest oxygen concentrators.

Sequal Eclipse 5 – Toughest Pulse Dose and Continuous Flow Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Before this model was released, many people couldn't understand how they could improve upon the already powerful and dependable Eclipse 3. Sequal's latest in the Eclipse line is now known to be one of the most powerful portable oxygen concentrators on the market. Aside from the AutoSAT technology, 3 rise time settings and wide range of pulse dose and continuous flow settings, the internal system has been amped up and it can now charge and run at the same time on DC power. The battery can last for 2 hours on the setting of 2.

Lifechoice Activox – Best Battery for a Small Portable Oxygen Concentrator

The internal battery on this small wonder can last for up to 12 hours on the pulse dose setting of 1, and as long as 5 hours on the setting of 3. This is an incredible amount of time for such a small portable concentrator, and it only weighs 4.83 lbs!

Oxlife Independence – Best Portable Oxygen Concentrator for High Altitudes

Most portable oxygen concentrators can only go as high as 10,000 feet above sea level (outside of an airplane) and still deliver the same high purity of oxygen. The Oxlife Independence, however, will still give you an oxygen purity of at least 90% up to 13,123 feet above sea level. That's over 3,000 more than most other portable oxygen concentrators!

AirSep Visionaire 5 – Best Stationary Oxygen Concentration for High Altitudes

If you need a continuous flow dosage of 4 LPM or 5 LPM and you live in an area with a high elevation, the AirSep Visionaire 5 is your best bet. This stationary oxygen concentrator is also small and light for how powerful it is. It only weighs 30 lbs, only uses around 290 watts and can deliver an oxygen purity of around 93%.

AirSep Intensity 10 – Highest Liter Flow Overall

You may have already guessed, but the Intensity 10 gets its name from having a maximum continuous flow oxygen capacity of 10 LPM, or liters per minute. It can also run a nebulizer machine, so this stationary oxygen concentrator is ideal for those who need this type of medication as well.

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