The Smallest of the Small – Using a 2 Pound Oxygen Concentrator

Small portable oxygen concentrators aren't for those who need a high dosage setting to meet their oxygen therapy needs. If a low setting is what you need, you can look for a portable oxygen concentrator that is small and light. There are even models that weigh as little as 2 lbs! The AirSep Focus is one such portable oxygen concentrator.

A 2 pound oxygen concentrator might only deliver up to 330 ml/min (milliliters per minute) of oxygen, but if this is what is prescribed by your doctor to help treat your COPD, you are lucky enough to be able to use it. This means even more freedom and mobility.

Battery Duration

You might be wondering how a portable oxygen concentrator this small can have a battery that can last long enough. With advancements in medical technology and in technology, in general, a battery does not have to be huge to last.

As an example, the AirSep Focus's batteries are tiny, but the 2 together will last for up to 3 hours. You can add even more battery life with the AirSep AirBelt with external battery, or with the AirSep Focus battery. Both external batteries can plug into the concentrator, and weigh less than 1 lb themselves. It also adds 1.2 hours of battery life.

Useful for Exercising

A tiny, 2 pound battery would be ideal to use during exercise. Your doctor might want you to start getting more physical activity to help strengthen your lungs and the rest of your body.

Using your portable oxygen concentrator while you take a brisk walk around the block or riding your bike through the trails in a nearby park, will give you the oxygen you need to keep your muscles moving.

The fact that it is so light makes it perfect for almost any kind of exercise, except for swimming, of course! You would hardly notice an extra 2 lbs on your back, or at your side while you exercise.

Perfect for Traveling

You wouldn't need to worry about your concentrator getting in the way while you are on public transportation. Check to make sure your model is FAA approved, and you will even be able to take it with you on an airplane and use it during your flight.

Just make sure you've made arrangements with the airline, first. No matter how you are traveling, a portable oxygen concentrator this small will almost go completely unnoticed.

4 thoughts on “The Smallest of the Small – Using a 2 Pound Oxygen Concentrator”

  • Ashley crews

    Needing a small portable pocket oxygen for my grandmother.

    • Danielle Jason

      Thank you for your comment, Ashley. I have passed along your information to one of our Oxygen Specialists who will reach out regarding your request. If you'd like immediate assistance, feel free to reach out directly at 877-774-9271.

  • Gisele Hirayama

    We live in canada ,my husband has a concentrator with a cart .he finds it very heavy now I understand there is a concentrator
    Could we do an exchange for ours

    • Danielle Jason

      Thank you for your comment, Gisele. I will pass along your information to our Oxygen Specialists and have someone reach out regarding your request. If you'd like more immediate assistance, you're welcome to contact our Buy-Back Department at 844-252-3062.


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