A Patients Perspective of the Respironics SimplyGo at 5500 feet!

A Patients Perspective of the Respironics SimplyGo portable oxygen concentrator at 5500 feet. by Roxlyn G. Cole

Having tested the new Respironics POC 'SimplyGo'(remember I live, at around 5500 ft altitude)...for hours while riding in a car as a passenger, to a Better breathers, to two funerals, ... and a couple of times really slowly on the treadmill, (did I mention the cart is a dream come true),today I put it to a really long walk on the Treadmill, I walked 2.6 miles, tested it for 95 minutes- moving up to faster pace, while switching around using different pulse values and also with 3 different oxygen delivery systems...very interesting.

The TTO ( Transtracheal oxygen system direct into my neck) consistently oxygenated close to 1% above other oxygen delivery systems.
The Oxyview glasses slightly lower than TTO, +/- 1%, then with the Salter (regular) cannula sats were trailing behind a full one to two percent lower than TTO... you might say they work: >good-cannula >better-Oxyview >best -TTO.

I am so glad I have a TTO since that helps me use POC's [or any system for that matter],more efficiently thus all will last longer for me.

As you can see, I test my oxygenation using two Nonin Onyx II oximeters (I have /use others- but they are always + or - one higher or lower (as is even the patient model Nonin Go2) so I stick with the professional model. Terry should like the shirt I wore for the second testing. (see blog below).

My walking speed the other test days was at 1 mph - boosted up to 1.5 and then 2 MPH today. Testing the Simply Go while using the pulse flow mode beginning with the highest #6 ,and then trying it lower at # 5.5, 5, 4.5 pulse settings.

Finally the lowest *I* could go and have adequate sats, was on #4 pulse - at which time -when I tried going faster at 2 mph then the MX alarm sounded with the cannula and glasses... causing erratic oximeter readings up and down, fluctuating...so I stopped, retried same thing with the TTO and then it didn't MX out until after a full five minutes of walking... it kept me at 93-94% until the MX signal. the HR a nice 111.

While sitting it holds my O2 sats nicely around 93% even as low as #1.5 pulse.

Deduction - for 'my' slow walk needs, use #4.5 pulse when not 'plugged in'- or - walk a little slower to save battery when out and about, but of course with the tread mill and plugged into an outlet - I can use as high a pulse as desired.

For someone not having the 53% diffusion problem I have, this would be one heck of a sweet machine-and at sea level it would probably be great for me too... as it is, it does work for me enough to be very helpful at times- and I am using it as a 'back up' of oxygen when I do my all day trips, it eliminates having to fill so many liquid portables.

Of course there is nothing like liquid oxygen if I want to walk 4 mph- then I require 16 liters.

It will be a while before I can chart all this ... I post about my testing as I go along on several on-line support groups... folks are very interested...then I post on the blog leading up interest in the charts later... these blog pages have some pictures of the machine, and my testing - also the last one shows the COPD+ team on Feb 28th.

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