The Lifechoice Activox 4L and a Comfortable Oxygen Therapy Experience

Whether you're new to oxygen therapy, or if you've been using medical oxygen for many years, you have likely experienced one major problem – the discomfort that follows a flow of air being pushed in your airways. This discomfort is described as being a light irritation in the back of the throat, or a dry feeling in the nasal passages, going down into the throat.

Thankfully, there have been innovations in oxygen therapy to fix this problem. The newest unit with two great comfort features known "Auto Mode" and "PULSE WAVE" technology is the Lifechoice Activox 4L mobile concentrator.

They both work together to make sure the oxygen you're getting isn't just getting pushed into your airways before you're ready for it. The main cause of airway dryness and discomfort is too much air being delivered at once, and often not exactly when it is needed.

While these two features might not be able to completely solve any discomfort issues, they help to greatly minimize them. This means less nose bleeds and sore throats.

How Auto Mode Works

Auto Mode works by automatically adjusting the flow of oxygen, no matter the dosage setting, so that it coincides with your breathing patterns. If you need to breathe in a lot of oxygen, such as when you are being active and walking quickly up a flight of stairs or riding a bike, it releases a bigger puff of air. When you are sitting still, it will release a smaller puff of air.

For this, Auto Mode has two settings – Active and Rest. Active mode will kick on once you're breathing pattern calls for more oxygen with each pulse. Rest mode kicks in once your breath rate has slowed down after you've been sitting or just walking at a leisurely pace. The two Auto Mode setting that is being used at the moment will appear on the display screen, located in the middle of the Activox 4L's control panel.


PULSE WAVE technology is exclusive to the Lifechoice Activox line of portable oxygen concentrators. It was designed to make sure that none of the oxygen delivered in each pulse was wasted, and it was only delivered exactly when you need it. It uses sensitive air pressure detectors to pin point exactly when you'll be taking a breath, and delivers the pulse of oxygen at the exact right moment.

While Auto Mode controls the exact amount of oxygen delivered in a pulse, PULSE MODE controls exactly when it's released. These work to automatically sync with your breath rate and patterns, so that your concentrator molds to you, instead of you having to focus on when to take a breath. This is a much more comfortable and ideal way to receive oxygen therapy, and the way it should be.

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