The Life Spans of Portable Oxygen Concentrators

While getting a newer portable oxygen concentrator is always a good idea, purchasing an older model might be the more economical choice, especially if it is a used or refurbished model. The life of a portable oxygen concentrator depends all on how much it was used over a period of time. Some of the newer models will most likely last much longer than an older one, even if used for the same amount of time, simply because newer models feature better technology.

Most portable oxygen concentrators, however, will last for around 4 to 7 years or more, depending on how often it was used and how well it was maintained. Maintenance for the average portable oxygen concentrator is very minimal, and usually only consists of cleaning a filter.

The component of a portable oxygen concentrator that usually runs down before anything else is the battery, whether its the internal or external battery. Around 300 recharges is when a battery will no longer charge all the way to 100%. Many POC batteries will only recharge from 0% to 80% after 300 recharges.

Even a spare battery that you never use should be charged up to 100% twice a month to give it a longer life span. A battery that is never used a left sitting for extended periods of time will slowly drain, and being idle will actually cause them to deteriorate quicker.

Maintenance to Make Your POC Last Longer

Changing the gross particle filter every 2 weeks is one of the most important ways to take care of your portable oxygen concentrator to make it last longer. Not only will it ensure that you are only breathing in clean and pure oxygen, but it will prevent any particles from going into the inner workings of the concentrator.

Not only that, but if it's not bringing in enough air because of a dirty filter, it will cause the concentrator to work harder, thus shortening its life. You should always follow the directions in the owners manual for how and how often to clean the gross particle filter.

You should also clean off the outside of the concentrator, especially around the vents and around the ports for the rubber tubing, and anywhere else where there is a small opening. Use a very lightly damp lint free cloth to clean off the outside of the concentrator to keep the openings free of dust and debris, as well as make it look nicer.

Keep your portable oxygen concentrator away from high heat and extreme cold, since temperatures like this are hard on any type of electronic. You also need to make sure they don't get wet or too damp from condensation.

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9 thoughts on “The Life Spans of Portable Oxygen Concentrators”

  • Shyam

    Hello sir
    My father is a COPD patient , I am planning to purchase a oxygen concentrator , one old used Philips respronic concentrator is available for sale . It has been used for 7000 hrs in1.5 years it has got 3 years warrety . what is the life of the oxygen seperater what other information should I clarify before going for purchasing of old oxygen concentrator or should I purchase a new one.if I am planning to purchase a new one which one is better nidek or Philips ?

    • Ed Rodgers

      Start with a reputable distributor. While used ones can be found online and ebay, these are considered medical devices. As these machines do require maintenance over time, many manufacturers will consider the warranty voided if it is not bought by a licensed distributor. Lastly, the product itself is dependent on your father's prescription and needs. While Respironics has several great products, you need to be mindful of what his O2 therapy is needing and if the machine will support this (and ongoing care). If you are debating on a new vs used, we do provide both as we are a licensed seller of oxygen concentrators. Give us a call at 888-743-0156 and we can help you on the decision making and which model will make sense.

  • malak

    I have a COPD I am on O2 for as long I can so I have Nidek Nuvo Lite concentrator its worked for 22770 hour. I feel the flow not like before, so my question is... is it time to start find new one ? And what is life span for that kind of concentrator?

    • Scott Ridl

      Generally, home or stationary oxygen concentrators last between 20,000-30,000 hours. We are unfamiliar with your particular brand, we would be happy to walk you through some checks that can be done to see if it is functioning properly. Please call us at: 1-877-644-4581.

  • A K Sen

    I have purchased one phylips ever flo oxygen concentrator some 6 months back and using it approx 12 hrs per day. I want to know how long I can use it.

  • Shelley Cannon

    I’m trying to find out when I purchased this machine that I own. Can you give me this information please?
    I’d like to get a filter so I need the model type but don’t see it on the machine. I believe I purchased it maybe 10 years ago, have moved often so I can’t find my paperwork. Thanks for your response

    • Scott Ridl

      You can call the manufacturer of the unit and provide them with the serial number of the unit (usually on the back or bottom of the machine). They can tell you when it was purchased. Additionally, you can call us at 1-877-644-4581 and, based on the machine, we can try and get you a filter.

  • Amal

    I have one since 1911, used one year and after 2012 not used .so is it good for use now


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