The Importance of Portable Oxygen Concentrator Accessories

Would you be able to use your portable oxygen concentrator without the rubber tubing? A portable oxygen concentrator wouldn't be portable without the rechargeable battery – it would be a stationary oxygen concentrator. Your POC would eventually break down if you didn't change out the gross particle filter (as long as it uses one), because it would become too clogged up with dirt to bring in air.

The accessories that come along with your portable oxygen concentrators are just as important as the concentrators themselves. Without them, you would either have a really hard time getting the oxygen therapy you need, or it would be totally impossible.

When you're choosing which portable oxygen concentrator is right for you, after weighing in important things such as oxygen settings, features and size, you should check out the types of accessories it offers. Which accessories there are that are compatible with it will often make it much easier and convenient to use, than another model that doesn't offer the same types of helpful accessories.

For example, maybe you're thinking about getting a portable oxygen concentrator, and a couple extra batteries because you know you'll need the extra batteries quite often. Another helpful accessory that would make things even more convenient, is an external battery charger. Is the external battery charger available?

This would be great to have, because you can charge 2 batteries at once – one in the concentrator and one in the external battery charger (plugged into an AC power outlet). When they are both done charging, you have a full battery inside your concentrator, and another full one as a backup for when or if you need it later. Throw it in your accessory bag, or a compartment in your concentrator's carry bag, and take it with you when you leave home.

The carry bags, backpacks, accessory bags and mobile carts are truly essential. They also make it possible for your portable oxygen concentrator to be portable, and in the most convenient and easiest of ways. The mobile carts are are pretty small and lightweight, but still sturdy and tough enough for travel almost anywhere. They have to be light and small, so they can go with you anywhere, even next to your seat on an airplane, or the seat of a bus or train.

If you'd like to carry your portable oxygen concentrator around on your back instead of at your side, like with most carry bags, check to see if this is an option for your model. The Inogen One G3 offers a backpack, while some offer just protective coverings because they are generally too heavy to carry and will just sit on the mobile cart.

The matching accessory bag will usually attach to the cart above the concentrator, to give you easy access. The carry case or protective case for your model should also feature a flap that will open to give you easier access to the battery door, so you don't have to completely take it out of the case to replace the batter.

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